Office of the Registrar
General Information (2006/2007)
8.30 TETRA (Telehealth and Educational Technology Resource Agency)
  • Keough, E., Acting Director
  • Dwyer, P., Associate Director, Programs
  • Mooney, M., Associate Director, Operations

Company Profile

Established in 1977, TETRA, formerly known as Telemedicine, is internationally recognized as having one of the most advanced networks in North America. TETRA has a proven track record and tradition of providing telehealth and tele-education services to a great number of clients over a large geographic region. In support of this effort TETRA, an agency of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Faculty of Medicine operates on a full-scale Telemedicine Centre from its location in the Health Sciences Centre in St. John's. TETRA is an administrative structure that successfully networks technology, support, personnel and end users. It has a proven history, of research development programs and service delivery, in the use of information and communications technologies in health and education in Newfoundland and Labrador. Over the years, TETRA has been involved in over 30 telemedicine projects, many of which have become ongoing services.

TETRA's audience has expanded in recent years and a significant consortium utilizes its resources. The users include provincial and federal departments and agencies, international organizations, not for profit groups and associations, educational institutions, private companies and local citizens.

The Centre has developed fairly autonomously within the Faculty of Medicine with historical close working ties to other divisions within the University. All human resource and financial management processes adhere to appropriate university policies however TETRA does not receive direct funding from Memorial University of Newfoundland. TETRA generates 100% of its revenue required to cover salaries, operating expenses and network costs, based on fees recovered from its user consortium.

Over the past decade TETRA's activities have diversified into a full range of research, development and service provision. Therefore, it sought out a name to reflect this change. Utilizing all aspects of information and communications technology, TETRA has developed expertise and experience in conference calling, videoconferencing, web-based technologies as well as the management of terrestrial and satellite networks.

As a provincial communications resource, TETRA is a model in Canada as a result of the degree of co-operation and support from the many agencies, organizations, individuals and TETRA employees that make it a reality.

Further information may be obtained by contacting TETRA by telephone to (709) 737-6654, or the Scheduling Coordinator to (709) 758-8313, or 1 (800) 563-0913, or by fax to (709) 737-7054, or by e-mail at