Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (2006/2007)
1.6 Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering

Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering comprises aspects of both Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering. Naval Architecture is primariily concerned with the design and construction of ships, offshore structures and other floating equipment and facilities. A naval architect is an engineer with the working knowledge of many disciplines and particular expertise in one or more of the specialist areas such as structures, hydrodynamics, or marine systems. Ocean Engineering extends this focus to cover virtually all aspects of engineering related to the ocean. Our ocean engineering program content introduces students to this broad field. Topics, including sub-sea systems and oceanographic science, add core ocean engineering content to the program. This is complemented by a variety of ship design and analysis courses. Together these provide a comprehensive education in ocean engineering and naval architecture.

The Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering Program is the only accredited undergraduate program specifically in naval architecture in Canada. The program is designed both to provide highly qulaified professional who can work in various ocean industry sectors suc as marine transport, ship and boat building, offshore engineering, submersibles design and may related marine areas. The undergraduate program is also a comprehensive preparation for graduate studies, research and consulting in ocean engineering.