Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (2006/2007)
1.5 Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a highly diversified discipline encompassing the design, manufacture, and utilization of mechanical and thermal energy systems for the service of society. This activity requires a thorough knowledge of materials, mathematics, and the physical sciences, and an ability to apply this knowledge to the synthesis of economical and socially acceptable solutions to engineering problems.

The Mechanical Program provides students with a sufficiently general background to engage in the diverse activities of Mechanical Engineering. The judicious selection of elective courses in Terms 7 and 8 permits students who have identified specific areas of interest to direct their programs accordingly. Electives may be chosen from those designated as Mechanical Engineering or, with approval, from courses offered by other disciplines within and outside engineering. Students can thereby tailor their programs to meet career goals in areas such as research and development, industry, design, resource utilization, offshore development and ocean engineering.