Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Business Administration (2006/2007)
15.2 Admission Requirements
  1. Normally, admission is offered for the Fall Term. The deadline for admission (or readmission) is March 1. Students applying for admission to the iBBA must submit the Application For Admission to the Faculty of Business Administration to the Office of the Registrar on or before this deadline. Where circumstances permit, applications will be considered for the Winter and Spring Terms. The deadlines for admission (or readmission) are October 1 for Winter, and February 1 for Spring.

  2. Students who are seeking admission for the Fall Semester normally must have completed all the courses required for admission by the end of the Winter Semester.

  3. Applications received after the deadline will be considered only if a space is available in the program.

  4. Eligibility: To be eligible for Admission to the iBBA program an applicant must have successfully completed the Pre-iBBA program (see Curriculum, clause 1, below) with an average on those courses of at least 65% or better, or the equivalent at another recognized post-secondary institution. Students who are transferring from other universities must apply for admission to the University on or before the deadlines specified in the University Diary for the semester in which they intend to begin their program, to allow sufficient time for the evaluation of transfer credits.

  5. Admission is competitive and selective. Therefore, prospective students are encouraged to consider an alternate degree program in the event that they are not accepted into the International Bachelor of Business Administration program.

  6. The primary criterion used in reaching decisions on applications for admission is overall academic achievement. Selection, therefore will be based on a student's overall academic performance in addition to the average on the thirty credit hours required for admission. Students with weak overall academic records are unlikely to be admitted.

  7. In the case where an applicant has been required to withdraw from one of the Faculty's other Undergraduate programs, the Admissions Committee of the Faculty may consider this circumstance as grounds to deny admission.