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Our undergraduate programs specialize in Oceanography, Fisheries Ecology, and Sustainable Aquaculture

OCEANOGRAPHY is the scientific exploration and study of the ocean and its phenomena. It incorporates the basic principles of biology, chemistry, geology and physics. Our programs will allow science majors to discover more about the world around them and the systems that regulate it and to contribute to the future use and care of the world ocean. They will help our graduates gain employment in ocean related university research departments, government departments and agencies, non-governmental organizations, industries concerned with inshore and offshore work and marine instrumentation, private consulting companies, and navies.

 Minor in Oceanography

CAPTURE FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE production are important contributors to the world’s food supply and provide livelihoods worldwide. The science surrounding these linked activities has become an ever more challenging and varied field of study as their management has become increasingly diverse. There is much scope to improve the management of fisheries and aquaculture and the way we utilize the marine environment. Our programs will expose students to aquaculture and fisheries management practices and help prepare them for a career as a developer, technologist, or researcher, positioning them to participate in the fishing and rapidly expanding aquaculture industries in Newfoundland and Labrador and beyond and to enter graduate programs in these fields.

 Minor in Sustainable Aquaculture and Fisheries Ecology


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