Mathematics Placement Test (MPT)


Next MPT :  Thursday January 4th, 2018

MATH 1MPT-001 65506 7:00pm-9:00pm, A-1043
MATH 1MPT-002 65663 7:00pm-9:00pm, A-1046

You must be registered for MATH 1MPT to write the MPT.


  1. What is the MPT?
  2. Who should write the MPT?
  3. Do international students have to take the MPT?
  4. When is the MPT offered?
  5. Can I re-take the MPT?
  6. How do I register for the MPT?
  7. Can I register for my math course before I write the MPT?
  8. What score do I need to get on the MPT?
  9. What material does the MPT test?
  10. What materials should I bring to when I write the MPT?
  11. What if I fail my MPT?
  12. How will I get my MPT result?
  13. Exemption Policy [NL Schools Only]


The use of a calculator is neither required nor permitted on the MPT.

You must present a photo ID when you write the MPT. A Memorial University student ID or valid driver's license is acceptable.

The MPT may be written only once1.


What is the MPT?

The MPT (Math Placement Test) is a two hour diagnostic of basic skills in mathematics administered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. It has been carefully designed by mathematics educators to measure levels of competence in specific core areas of mathematics covered in grade school -- arithmetic of integers, rational numbers, and reals, algebraic expressions, trigonometry, basic geometry, and simple functions. The test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, in 20 topics/areas, broken down into five questions each.  Students have 2hrs to complete the test.

Your MPT score is used to determine the math courses for which you have the prerequisite knowledge to succeed.

The use of a calculator is neither required nor permitted on the MPT.

You must present a photo ID when you write the MPT.  A Memorial University student ID or valid driver's license is acceptable. 


Who should take the MPT?

If you want to take an entry level math course at Memorial then you need to demonstrate that you meet the prerequisite requirements.  There are different ways to do this, as described in the First Year Courses section.  The MPT is one such way, but is recognized only by Memorial University.  The MPT will be of use to students who want to take an entry level math or statistics course at Memorial, and who

  • have passed Math 3200 (NL high school), but did not get the required 75% for entry to MATH 1000, or
  • are from outside of Newfoundland and Labrador, and do not have another standardized test score to demonstrate mathematics proficiency.

Students who have Math 3201 from a NL high school will not be permitted to write the MPT for entry into Math 1090.  Such students' prerequisite knowledge will be evaluated based on their 3201 score. 


Do international students have to take the MPT?

International students may find it more convenient to take the College Board subject test in mathematics, level 1, (SATMI) for a number of reasons:

  • The scheduling of the MPT is not ideal for students traveling from afar and arriving in St. John's at the start of the term. If you are exhausted from traveling when you arrive you will under-perform on the MPT.
  • The SATMI may be written before you commit to moving from your home country. You can know before you leave home which math courses you will qualify to take, and thus which faculties and programs you can be admitted to. You don't want to relocate only to find out after you get here that you don't qualify for the program you want to take.
  • The SATMI may be written more than once. If you don't make the required score for the course you need for your desired program, you can improve your skills and re-take the test.

The College Board is not affiliated with Memorial, and the subject tests are not facilitated by the Department of Mathematics. Students wishing to write this test must make their own arrangements. The required scores are shown below. You must ensure that your SATMI score is submitted to the Registrar's Office in time to be processed and entered into your record in time for the start of the semester.

MUN Math CourseRequired SATMI Score
Math 1050 or 1051550
Math 1090600
Math 1000700


When is the MPT offered?

The MPT is administered the day before the start of classes in the fall, and on the first day of classes in winter and spring.  Distance students have a two-week window of time in which to take the test prior to the start of classes.


Can I re-take the MPT?

Under usual circumstances, the MPT may be written only once. If a significant amount of time has passed (6 or more years) or you have upgraded your math skills by taking an external course or through other means, you may contact the Program Officer to discuss the possibility of retaking the test.


How do I register for the MPT?

You register for the MPT as you would a regular course, using the course number "MATH 1MPT". You may check the course offerings posted by the Office of the Registrar to see the specific time and place for each section of MATH 1MPT.  Once you have registered, you can view the course information for MATH 1MPT on your Self-Service to see the date, time, and location of your Math Placement Test.

If you are registered for an online section of a math course (MATH 1000-081*, or MATH 1090-081*), you may register for the online MPT: MATH 1MPT-081*. Note that the online MPT may have a single date listed on the self-service system, but once you register you will receive instructions on how to schedule your personal date and time. Students registering for any classes at one of our campuses must write an MPT scheduled to be written at that campus. You must be a genuine distance student to take the distance MPT.
*Online sections are numbered 081, 082, or 083.

If you are a student with a disability who requires an academic accommodation to write the MPT (e.g., large print or extended time), please contact the Glenn Roy Blundon Centre, Office of Student Affairs and Services, to discuss your request.


Can I register for my math course before I write my MPT?

Yes, you may.  Once registered for MATH 1MPT, the system will allow you to register for MATH 1090, MATH 1050, or MATH 1051. If you also have "advanced math" on your record, as assessed by the Office of the Registrar from your high school records, you may register for MATH 1000.  If you can't see your high school records on your Self-Service, and you know they have been submitted to the University, you should contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.


What score do I need to get on the MPT?

MATH 1000 & 1090: entry requirements flowchart

CourseRequired MPT Score
MATH 100075%
MATH 109055%


MATH 1050 & 1051:
Students must have grade 12 academic math, and a Math Placement Test score or registration. Students with at least 50% on the MPT are permitted to register online for these courses. Students with less than 50% on the MPT must contact the Mathematics and Statistics Program Officer to gain entry to these courses. Students who don't have an MPT score may register first for MATH 1MPT, and then may add either of these courses on self-service.  


What material does the MPT test?

The following .pdfs explain what you will encounter on your MPT:

*It is assumed that you have already learned how to answer all the questions on the MPT through your grade 4 - 12 schooling.  The MPT's purpose isn't to test knowledge, but proficiency.  You need to be proficient in arithmetic, algebra, and trigonometry to keep pace with the mathematics demonstrated in your lectures. If you do not know how to check your answers on the sample test, then you should consider upgrading your high school mathematics before taking a university level mathematics course.


What materials should I bring to when I write the MPT?

Bring a pencil, a back-up pencil, a good eraser, and either your MUN student ID card, or a piece of government issued photo ID.  Calculators are not permitted.  Scrap paper is provided.


What if I fail my MPT?

If you do not obtain the required mark for a Math & Stats course, here are some options that are open to you:

Option 1:  Beginning in Fall 2017, if you score between 50% and 54%, inclusive, you can appeal to the Undergraduate Program Officer for permission to register for MATH 109A/B.

Option 2: Obtain an SATMI score (see below).

Option 3: Upgrade your math skills at another institution either before or concurrently with your studies at Memorial.


How will I get my MPT result?

Within 24hrs of the writing of a regularly scheduled MPT, your score will be emailed to your address.  If you write with the Blundon Centre please allow 48hrs to receive the email.  If you write the test online, your score is given when you finished the test.  If you write a paper exam off-campus, then allow up to two weeks for your result to be processed and emailed to you.

Results will no longer be posted online.


Exemption Policy [NL Schools Only]

In 2014, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, in partnership with the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Education, began correlating passing grades in MATH 1000, 1090, 1050 and 1051 with specific grades in the public exam high school courses MATH 3200 (advanced math) and MATH 3201 (academic math). Thus, we are able to offer MPT exemptions to students who have taken these NL courses, as outlined in the table below. 

Note: If at time of registration public exam marks have not been released, then register for the MPT as outlined in the above section.  If after marks are submitted to the Registrar's office you satisfy the exemption criteria, you may then drop MATH 1MPT.

 MUN Math Course:MATH 1000MATH 1090MATH 1050 or 1051MATH 2050
Required MATH 3200 score:*75505075**
Required MATH 3201 score*:NOT ELIGIBLE7550NOT ELIGIBLE

*Required scores are re-evaluated annually and may change to reflect the most recent data.

**Enrollment not guaranteed in first semester.  You must consult the Program Officer in Mathematics & Statistics.




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