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Mathematics Placement Test (MPT)

1. General Information
2. Course Requirements
3. Registration
4. Synopsis
5. Options After the MPT
6. Results


General Information

The department administers a diagnostic of basic skills in mathematics called the Mathematics Placement Test (MPT). It may be written only once, normally in the fall. Consult the department for exact times and locations. The MPT has been carefully designed by mathematics educators to measure levels of competence in specific core areas of mathematics -- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers, fractions, and algebraic expressions.

The MPT consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, in 20 topics/areas, broken down into five questions each. A synopsis of the exam is available below.

If you are a student with a disability who requires an academic accommodation to write the MPT (e.g., large print or extended time), please contact the Glenn Roy Blundon Centre, Office of Student Affairs and Services, to discuss your request.

The use of a calculator is neither required nor permitted on the MPT.



You register for the MPT as you would a regular course and you must register for the MPT before registering for a Mathematics course. If you check the Course Offerings posted by the Office of the Registrar you will see the available times to write the MPT (listed as MATH 1MPT). Because the MPT is a single time event, it is necessary to "trick" the computer by setting it outside the regular limits of the semester. In any event, the details of time and place should be on your printed schedule.



To assist you in preparing for the MPT, you may download the following PDF files:

* Synopsis and Examples Representative of the Math Placement Test
* Answers for Examples in the Synopsis of the Math Placement Test

Options After the MPT

If you do not obtain the required mark on the Mathematics Placement Test and, consequently, do not meet the prerequisites for MATH 1000, 1050, 1051 or 1090, here are the options that are open to you.

If you need this course for your intended degree, you can upgrade your mathematics skills through the Mathematics Skills Program (MATH 102F). You should be aware that students with MPT scores of less than 50 most often require two (possibly three) semesters of upgrading to reach the required MATH 104F standard for admission to MATH 1090. Usually one or two semesters are required for admission to MATH 1050 or 1051.

Further information on the MATH 102F course can be obtained by contacting the Mathematics Learning Centre at 864-3308 or

Please note that there are many degree programs at Memorial which do not require any mathematics at all: social work and many degree programs in arts, for example.


The results of the most recent session of the MPT will be made available here.

MPT Fall 2015