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W.J. Blundon Contest

Supported by: Canadian Mathematical Society


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General Information


Professor W.J. Blundon was the first head of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at MUN, and an avid problem solver.

(For a short biography of Professor Blundon and information on Experiences in Problem Solving, a compilation of his published solutions to a wide variety of mathematical problems, click here.)

The Blundon Contest is written each year on the same date as the CEMC Pascal, Cayley, and Fermat contests. The next Blundon Contest is written on February 24, 2016. We encourage those who placed on the provincial honour roll in the 2015 Fermat Contest, as well as the mathematically capable Level II students, to write the Blundon contest. This is our most important provincial senior high contest, and we would like more students to write it.

Students who recieve top scores at the Bluncdon Contest are invited to attend the Annual Blundon Seminar Camp at Memorial held in May. For more information regarding this event please click here.

2016 Contest Information
Date: February 24, 2016
Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Note: Calculators, tables, etc. are not permitted.



The deadline for applying to write the Blundon Contest is January 31, 2016. The registration form is now available and the event will take place on February 24, 2016.

The first place winner is presented with the Blundon Shield at our annual Seminar held in May each year. The shield is kept by the school for one year. This shield has been donated by the Mathematics Council of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers' Association in recognition of the outstanding contribution to mathematics education made by the late Professor W.J. Blundon, and in appreciation of the work done by the MUN Competitions Committee in holding the annual seminar.

Two Blundon shields have been presented to the winners of the Blundon Contest:

Past Winners

2016   Andrew Dawson, Gonzaga High School
2015   Jared Loder, Ascension Collegiate
2014   Mason Nolan, Gander Collegiate
2013   Jordan Naterer, Holy Heart of Mary
2012   Alexander Mackay, Holy Heart of Mary
2011   Nathan WIlson, Holy Heart of Mary
2010   Brian Peach, O'Donel High School
2009   Adam Gardner, Gonzaga High
2008   Louis Kim, O'Donel High School
2007   Mark Yang, Prince of Wales Collegiate
2006   Roger He, Prince of Wales Collegiate
Ian Payne, Pasadena Academy
2005   Shuang Han, Holy Heart of Mary
2004   Andrew Critch, Clarenville High
2003   Andrew Critch, Clarenville High
2002   Nithum Thain, Prince of Wales Collegiate
2001   Michael Watson, Bishops College
2000   Joshua Hollett, Musgravetown High
1999   Leslie Rose, St. Francis High
1998   Dale Whitmore, Prince of Wales Collegiate
1997   Dale Whitmore, Prince of Wales Collegiate
1996   Ed Kent, Gonzaga High
1995   Ian Barrett, Ascension Collegiate
1994   Robert Bridson, Bishops College
Reza Shahidi, Bishops College
1993   Robert Bridson, Bishops College
1992   Hao Ming Wu, Booth Memorial
1991   Hari Mallidi, Prince of Wales Collegiate
1990   Keir Colbo, Bishops College
1989   Jamie Stuckless, Botwood Collegiate
1988   Brett Oakley, Prince of Wales Collegiate
1987   Allen Chen, Prince of Wales Collegiate
1986   Jeff Pelley, Gander Collegiate
1985   Neil Power, St. Stephens High
1984   Timothy Churchill, Eugene Vaters Collegiate
Samuel Sharpe, Queen Elizabeth High

The following are the Blundon Contest and solutions for the past several years:

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