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Mentorship Program

The Department of Human Resources is happy to offer a Mentorship program to all staff. The goals of the program are to share knowledge, develop skills and provide career-oriented guidance to individuals in the university community. A successful pilot of this program was offered in 2008. The experiences and results have been taken into consideration in the design of the current Mentorship program to help ensure continued success.

Mentoring is a developmental opportunity of mutual benefit to a person who is more experienced (mentor) in a particular subject area and to someone who is less experienced (mentee) in that area. the mentee wishes to learn and the mentor wishes to share his or her experiences and insights. The relationship aims to enhance career development, job satisfaction, and work performance for mentees and to provide a sense of fulfillment for mentors.

There are many benefits to mentoring including helping employees fulfill their career goals, improving organizational knowledge sharing, gaining insight into organizational culture, and improving the integration of new employees. The Mentoring program is open to all Memorial staff. Individual employees are encouraged to get involved and to encourage other to be involved too.

If you require additional information or would like to volunteer or recommend someone in your unit to participate in the Program, please contact Heather Stamp-Nunes by email or at 864-8364.

Mentoring application forms:

Mentor Application

Mentee Application