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Coaching is an opportunity for employees to grow and succeed as professionals. The goal of this program is to build a coaching culture at Memorial University in which individuals are engaged in enhancing their performance, and the performance of their teams.

Coaching is a valuable skill set and an effective tool to accelerate results in learning and development and to build engaged workplaces and lives. It equips people with the skills and insights to be successful in their current role and throughout their careers.

The coach-client relationships are voluntary and confidential. Appointments will be by mutual agreement for time, repetition, and duration, and can be made by contacting the coaches directly.

The benefits of a coaching relationship for participants are:

  • Responding to and succeeding in change
  • Setting and achieving your goals
  • Problem solving with someone who assists and listens while you
    navigate challenges
  • Being supported while moving towards the outcomes you desire
  • Supporting the creation of a people-centered and accountable
  • Improving employee retention, satisfaction and engagement
  • Promoting and assisting in personal and organizational
    alignment as well as growth

For more information, contact 864-4626.