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Federal Contractors Program

Federal Contractors Program

Employment equity encourages working conditions that are free of barriers for all, including the four designated groups; women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities.

The findings of the 2008-2009 Federal Contractor's Program compliance review, which measures Memorial's practices and policies within the Federal context, were positive and Memorial was found to be in full compliance in August 2010. The review findings demonstrate that Memorial has an appropriate employment equity program in place and can continue to bid on federal government contracts.  In August 2012, our Monitoring Report was also approved.

Memorial University is currently not eligible for the Federal Contractors program but continues to implement the employment equity practices outlined by the Federal Contractors Program.

Having achieved compliance the University is continuing to fulfill a number of objectives including:

Establishing measures to remove any barriers to recruitment, retention or accommodation for designated groups Communicating and consulting with employee representatives Monitoring, measuring and being accountable for employment equity goals Implementing positive practices, procedures and policies that celebrate diversity and promote an inclusive workforce

Memorial will focus on both the progress made towards reaching equity goals and on the dedication of efforts to implement the employment equity program. It is imperative that programs and measures continue to advance the set objectives.