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CUPE Professional Development Fund

Application Intake Deadline Committee Meeting
June 27, 2014 August 1, 2014
October 17, 2014 November 14, 2014
March 20, 2015 April 17, 2015



Late applications will NOT be accepted

University employees who are member of CUPE 1615 are eligible to apply for funding to support their professional development. The CUPE Professional Development Fund has been in place since April 1, 2009 and has an annual budget of $50,000.

Applications are now being accepted and must be received on or before March 20, 2015. Committee decisions will be communicated to applicants within 4-6 weeks of intake deadline.

Application Submission Information

The application form must include a breakdown of all costs associated with the professional development activity. These costs can include, but are not limited to, air transportation, ground transportation, meals, registration fees, and accommodations. Please refer to the Travel – General Policy for information.

Use the Application Submission Checklist below to ensure you have included all required information with your sumbission. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered by the Committee and will subsequently be returned to the applicant.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate the efforts they have made to secure funding from other sources. The preferred arrangement would be a cost-shared commitment from the employee's department, school or faculty to support 50% of the total cost.

Application Submission Checklist

Prior to submitting your application for funding, please ensure you have included the following information:

  • Signed application form (i.e. by applicant and applicant's supervisor)
  • Explanation of benefit to employee and department, school, faculty
  • Development activity details (i.e. program brochure, agenda, etc.)
  • Detailed breakdown of all costs associated with development activity in CANADIAN DOLLARS (note that professional association fees, membership fees, exam fees, distance education fees, program materials and course materials are not funded under this program)
  • Proof of costs associated with development activity (i.e. receipt or quote for tuition, conference registration, etc.)
  • Proof of costs associated with travel to development activity if applicable (i.e. receipt or quote for airfare in form of itinerary, accommodation, meals included with accommodation or venue, per diems, etc.)
  • Proof of department/school/faculty funding support available (i.e. letter of support from Dean/Director/Administrative Head acknowledging funding contribution)

Eligibility Considerations

  • Member of CUPE Local 1615
  • Previous professional development in last two (2) years
  • Amount of financial commitment from department, school or faculty
  • Benefit to the employee and department, school or faculty
  • Application submission must be received in full with all required applicable information attached

Contact Information 

For information concerning this fund contact Tammy Poirier. Completed applications are to be submitted to Ms. Poirier, Co-Chair CUPE PD Fund Committee, Department of Human Resources.

Committee Member Office Phone  Email Address

Theresa Antle, CUPE 1615

Peggy Chafe, CUPE 1615 864-7992
Linda Corbett, Management 864-7956
Diane Johnson, CUPE 1615

Heather Stamp-Nunes, Management 864-8364
Tammy Poirier, Management 864-3570
Fred Walsh, CUPE 1615 864-8322