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Employment opportunities

Looking for a stimulating work environment that fosters innovation and collaborative creativity? You will find it at Memorial.

Memorial's faculty and staff are integral to a vibrant academic community, engaged in internationally-recognized teaching and research activities and are essential to helping Memorial fulfill its educational and community mandate.

To meet some of the people who work at Memorial, enjoy the short video below:

Review job postings at Memorial below.

Job Postings

Academic Postions
For candidates applying for tenure track and contractual Faculty, Librarian and Cooperative Education Coordinator positions.

Current academic positions

Staff Positions (Internal)
For Internal Candidates applying for Administrative; Clerical; Maintenance; Technical positions

Internal postions
Staff Positions (External)
For External Candidates applying for Administrative; Clerical; Maintenance; Technical
External positions

Marine Institute
For candidates applying for positions within the Marine Institute as Instructors, Research and Technical Personnel

Current Positions

Student Positions
For undergraduate and graduate students seeking employment
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For students seeking MUCEP, SWASP, GTEP positions as well as external job postings. Career Development and Experiential Learning
For students seeking classroom learning, relevant employment skills and documented practical experience. Division of Co-Operative Education
For students seeking volunteer opportunities. Student Volunteer Bureau

*Certain positions may be contingent upon continuous funding and budgetary approval. If required, this will be clarified through our recruitment process.