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Human Resources units

The Office of the Director is responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of human resource policies and procedures for academic and non-academic employees.

Staff work closely with deans and directors in continually focusing on ways to meet the myriad of HR challenges facing the organization.

General contact emails:
Human Resources information
Employee Relations

Director's Office

Stephen Dodge
(709) 864-4615

Valerie Butler
Associate Director
(709) 864-7809

Jackie Pitcher-March
Executive Assistant to the Director
(709) 864-4615

Melissa Watton
Communications Coordinator
(709) 864-2531

Nicole Dunne
Admin. Staff Specialist III
(709) 864-3074

Strategy, Policy & Planning

Emily Wooley
(709) 864-2234


Employee Relations

Mary Barron
Associate Director - Employee/Labour Relations & Consulting Services
(709) 864-4766

Roxanne Jackson
Manager, Employee & Labour Relations
(709) 864-7400

Tracy Coady
Intermediate Secretary
(709) 864-4628

Hilda Arnott
Leave Management Coordinator
(709) 864-7404

Erin Bradbury
(709) 864-3458

Laura Chapman
Wellness Consultant
(709) 864-7405

Natalie Decker
Occupational Health Nurse
(709) 864-3568


Client & Advisory Services

Working collaboratively with departmental administrators and employees, together with a team of human resources functional experts, Client & Advisory Services provides direct service and HR solutions to our departmental partners including: organizational planning and effectiveness, skills development, recruitment and succession planning, collective agreement interpretation, issues management, attendance management, employee counselling, return-to-work and accommodation management; job design/redesign, job evaluation review and appeal and salary administration; facilitate organizational change; recommend revisions to existing processes.

Kim Blanchard
Manager, HR Client & Advisory Services
(709) 864-4557



Jill Purcell
(709) 864-4782

Susan Brown 
(709) 864-6255

Tammy Poirier
(709) 864-3570

Sheneen Young 
(709) 864-4558

Pamela Crane
(709) 864-4616

Michael Kielly
(709) 864-7408



General contact email
(709) 864-2434


Administration and Systems Integration

Assistance accessing Employee Self Service within; administration of accounts accessing the Human Resources Management System online; ad hoc report requests, and departmental administration are housed within this unit. This group is also responsible for Human Resources Records Management and Privacy.

General contact email

Employee Self Service assistance
(709) 864-2434

Karen Stockley  
HR Technology, Team lead
(709) 864-4633

Kimberley Slaney  
Assistant Computer Systems Officer
(709) 864-2072

Tammy Power-Taylor
Intermediate Clerk - Records
(709) 864-7814 

Katie Ward
Admin. Staff Specialist I
(709) 864-4629

Kaytlyn Fitzgerald
Data Entry Operator
(709) 864-4630

Gail Greenslade
Data Entry Operator
(709) 864-4631



Contact payroll if you need to change any personal data, banking information, miscellaneous voluntary payroll deductions, submit a new TD1, or if you have a question about your biweekly payroll. Requests for information should be directed to the payroll officer for your department/faculty.

General contact email

Karen Hiscock
Payroll Team Lead
(709) 864-4583

Patsy Burry
Payroll Coordinator
(709) 864-4582

Deborah Fudge
(709) 864-2077

Payroll Officers:

Sandy Baird
(709) 864-4611

Linda Reid
(709) 864-4589

Christine Martin
(709) 864-4607

Susan Hann
(709) 864-4606

Ashley Hickey
(709) 864-4608

Linda Cooper
(709) 864-4610

Joanne Organ
(709) 864-4609

Benefits and Pensions

The Benefits and Pensions Office of the Department of Human Resources is responsible for the ongoing management and administration of the Memorial University Group Benefits Program and the Memorial University Pension Plan, as the Employee Assistance Program. Requests for information regarding your pension benefits or any of the group benefit plans – Supplementary Health/Worldwide Travel, Dental, Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance and Long Term Disability, should be directed to the Benefits Officer for your department/faculty.

General contact emails:
Benefits & Pensions
Employee Assistance Program

Phone (709) 864-7406

Glen Roberts
(709) 864-4621

Jim Price
Benefits & Pensions Analyst
(709) 864-4619

Ruby-Joy Leyte
Senior Clerk
(709) 864-2073

Shannon Hayes
Intermediate Secretary
(709) 864-7406


Pension and Benefit Specialists:
Michelle Wade
(709) 864-7407

Karen Rose
(709) 864-4620

Debbie Morrissey
(709) 864-4625

Compensation & Job Evaluation

Assistance and advice concerning job evaluation, compensation, and administration matters can be obtained from the Recruitment and Compensation staff. This includes the determination of a salary range for a new position or a request to reassess a current position that has changed assigned responsibilities.


Jennine Loder
Manager, Compensation & Job Evaluation
(709) 864-3744

Kayla Matthews
Compensation Analyst
(709) 864-7401


Organizational Development

Organization Development can assist you with any questions you may have about employee training and development and Employment Equity at Memorial.

We also work with individual departments to facilitate strategic planning activities, conduct organizational reviews, and design performance management processes.

General contact emails:

Employment Equity

Robert Barker
(709) 864-4627

Chantelle Blackmore
Admin. Staff Specialist I
(709) 864-4626

Tina Hickey
Employment Equity Officer
(709) 864-2548

Heather Stamp-Nunes
Manager, Learning & Development
(709) 864-8364