Business Communication Program
The Business Communication Program provides participants with the practical tools and techniques required to enhance proficiency in business communications and to develop a positive, polished, and professional image.
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Business Communication Program

The Business Communication Program provides participants with the practical tools and techniques required to enhance proficiency in business communication and develop a positive, polished, and professional image.

The program includes a series of seminars designed for individuals and organizations interested in developing essential skills for writing effectively, speaking with confidence, and interacting with others in a professional manner. 

Gardiner Centre has enhanced the program by adding new topics and developing learning paths for a variety of professions so that people can develop communications skills that are most relevant to their career. Participants must complete any six modules in order to achieve a Certificate of Achievement. Completing the modules outlined for a particular profession acknowledges a focused skills development in the professional area. For example if you complete the six modules outlined for Sales Professionals you will receive a Certificate of Achievement in Business Communication for Sales Professionals. If you do not belong to a profession listed you can choose any six modules.


Sales Professionals

Consulting Professionals

Business Analysis Professionals

Project Management Professionals

Technical Professionals

Certificate in Business Communication Complete any six modules 

Better Business Writing: The Right Approach         * *
Building Professional Negotiation Skills * *   *   *
Conflict Management & Resolution       *   *
Essential Communication Skills for Professionals     * * *
Facilitation Skills Training: Getting the Most Out of Group Discussions   * * *   *
Information Gathering Using Professional Investigating & Interviewing Techniques   * * *     *
Presentation Skills: Speaking with Confidence * * *   * *
Writing a Proposal  * * *     *
Technical Writing     * * * *
Think on Your Feet™ * * * * * *
Understanding Personality Types in the Workplace – Using MBTI         * *


NOTE: If you were completing courses following the structure of the previous Business Communication Program you can continue to do so, or you can switch to the new structure. Contact Jackie Collins or 709 864-2131 if you have any questions regarding the change in the program or if you would like to know which seminars you having remaining to fullfill the certificate requirements. 


For Individuals
  • Learn to communicate with confidence
  • Improve professional communication skills
  • Deliver professional presentations
  • Learn solutions for communication challenges
  • Enhance your professional image
  • Improve quality of documentation
  • Learn the impact of personality types on business operations and communication
  • Enhance proposal development competencies 
For Organizations
  • Establish communication standards and protocols
  • Build an effective and confident team of communicators
  • Improve creativity within the organization
  • Improve internal and external communications
  • Build a positive corporate image
  • Deliver professionally written documents and proposals

Who Should Attend

Individuals and organizations interested in developing essential skills to write effectively, speak with confidence, and interact with others in a professional manner.  This program is suited to employees and management at all levels in the organization, and is designed to match the unique requirements of business professionals in sales, consulting, business analysis, project management, and technical positions.


The Business Communication Program requires the completion of any six modules. Each module consists of 1 or 2 day-long seminars.  The program is structured to be flexible and self-directed with participants completing modules at their own pace. 


Essential Communication Skills for Professionals  

Presentation Skills: Speaking with Confidence   

Better Business Writing: The Right Approach   

Think on Your Feet™   

Information Gathering Using Professional Investigating and Interviewing Techniques   November 24-25, 2014  

Writing a Proposal  December 2-3, 2014 

Building Professional Negotiation Skills February 17-18, 2015

Facilitation Skills Training: Getting the Most Out of Group Discussions    March 12-13, 2015

Technical Writing   January 19, 2015

Understanding Personality Types in the Workplace – Using MBTI  

Conflict Management and Resolution   

The price for the Business Communication Program is based on a per module fee.  Please refer to the module descriptions for details.

If you would like to register for the full program contact our Training Advisor Jackie Collins at or 864-2131 for a price quote based on the modules you select. 



Ada Shave

Ada Shave is a Senior Consultant with Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette, a Human Resources consulting firm based in Halifax.  She also maintains a consulting practice in the St. John’s area.

Ada has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Memorial University and holds certificates in Reality Therapy and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing.  Ada specializes in using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a personality type indicator, to assist businesses and organizations in such areas as leadership, team building, selling and effective communication. 

Ada holds an undergraduate degree in education and a masters degree in educational psychology.

Brent Snook

Brent Snook is an Associate Professor in Psychology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. He holds a PhD in Psychology from The University of Liverpool, UK. He has conducted research on a range of investigative practices such as investigative interviewing and interrogation practices, and pseudoscience in the criminal justice system.

Brent's work has led him to collaborate with academic and professional bodies in The Netherlands, England, Germany, and Canada. His current body of work involves introducing the PEACE model of interviewing to Canadian police organizations. Together with Todd Barron, he has now instructed over 50 members of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (criminal investigation division) and several visiting officers from across Canada on scientific interviewing practices.

Gina Pecore

Gina Pecore has spent 25 years working in the communications field. She began her career with the Canadian Navy and held positions in journalism and public relations before becoming an independent consultant and trainer in 2000. Gina is a certified professional facilitator and accredited business communicator, and she regularly works with provincial and national clients to help strengthen their organizations and teams.

Gina holds the license to deliver several international communication skills workshops in Newfoundland and Labrador, including Think on Your Feet®. 

Lynn Morrissey

Lynn Morrissey has over 20 years' experience as a facilitator, consultant, and educator.  She has taught academic courses in communications, organizational communications, and human resources, at the Faculty of Business Administration, Memorial University. She has received many awards for her contributions including the Dean’s Teaching Award, the Dean’s Service Award, the Dean’s Citizenship Award, the President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching and most recently the Queen`s Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012).

Lynn has a long-standing relationship with the Gardiner Centre, instructing professional development seminars that focus mainly on workplace communications. Lynn's industry experience includes writing training and development strategies, developing training plans, leading performance development processes, conducting communications reviews, and facilitating strategy sessions.

In her 'spare time' Lynn is also Faculty Advisor for Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Memorial, an international student organization focusing on enhancing entrepreneurial skills and community development.  Under Lynn's mentorship, the SIFE Memorial team has consistently achieved top awards and accolades at both the national and international levels. In 2007 Lynn was awarded the John Dobson Faculty Advisor of the Year in Canada for her work with her SIFE team.

Tamara Reynish

Tamara Reynish is a communications expert with more than 20 years of experience as an editor, writer and instructor. In addition to communications, she specializes in delivering professional development in customer service, marketing and strategic planning.

Responsible for developing countless projects and raising millions of dollars, Tamara has over 15 years of experience writing proposals and related documentation. A member of both the Editors’ Association of Canada and the Writers’ Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador, Tamara is also the President of the Literary Arts Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Todd Barron

Todd Barron is a police officer responsible for training all members of the criminal investigation division and new police recruits on investigative interviewing; developing new interviewing courses; and providing advice on interviewing protocols for ongoing investigations. He is also the police force’s primary polygraph examiner. 

He is Todd is a member of the international investigative interviewing research group (iIIRG), the Canadian Association of Police Polygraphists (CAPP), and has received training on the PEACE model of interviewing (advanced suspect interviewing) in the United Kingdom. Todd’s research interests pertain to the development of professional and ethical interviewing standards.

Tom Wiseman

Tom Wiseman is principal of Wiseman & Associates Inc., a private firm specializing in people effectiveness, human relations and employee development. He consults nationally on difficult human relations issues, employee improvement and development, and respectful workplace initiatives. He has worked very successfully with unionized and non-unionized workplaces, conducting harassment investigations, workplace personnel interventions, forming and supporting Respectful Workplace Committees, and training all employees in the skills necessary to achieve rapid enhancements in the quality of their workplace culture.

Tom has partnered with the Gardiner Centre for over 26 years designing, customizing, delivering and facilitating training on such topics as conflict management, interpersonal negotiating techniques, fostering respect and dignity in the workplace, problem solving and decision making, time management, and stress management.

As a specialized service, Tom acts as a workplace coach for front-line supervisors and managers, as well as consulting as an executive coach to senior managers and executives.  Tom has also consulted on or developed performance management systems for numerous organizations and trained managers and employees on both giving, as well as receiving, performance based feedback and coaching.

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