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Dr. Alison Leitch

A. Leitch

Professional Affiliations: American Geophysical Union, Canadian Geophysical Union, Geological Association of Canada, Geological Society of America, Women in Science and Engineering


Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: ER 4041
Phone: 709-864-3306
Fax: 709-864-2589

Research Interests

  • Field Studies - Together with students and other faculty, I study igneous bodies, focussing on magmatic emplacement and dynamics. Studies involve geological and geophysical mapping, petrology and geochronology.
  • Laboratory based studies of magma chamber dynamics - I study crystallization, melting and mixing in small (decimeter scale) transparent tanks, using ices and waxes and hot salty solutions as analogs for rocks and magmas. These experiments help us to understand processes responsible for the differentiation of igneous rocks and the formation of magmatic ore deposits.
  • Computational models of mantle convection- Large 2D and 3D computer programs are used to model convection and melting in the Earth's rocky mantle. I am particularly interested in the interaction of mantle plumes with the lithosphere.
  • Pervasive migration of magma through the crust - Using simple computer models, we study the transfer of heat and magma from the lower crust to higher levels by "pervasive" migration through a network of fissures. This is likely to be an important mechanism of magma transfer in tectonically active regions.