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What you should know about the Heartbleed Bug

Given all the media attention surrounding the Heartbleed Bug over the past week, Memorial clients may be wondering how this threat is being addressed within the university computing environment.  *Due to the fact that the Heartbleed Bug has been found to affect so many websites and offers hackers a means for stealing passwords, C&C is strongly recommending that clients do the one thing that best protects your accounts in these situations; change your passwords.


HeartBleed SSL Vulnerability - April 9th, 2014

A serious security vulnerability affecting HTTPS web servers was announced by security researchers yesterday. Codenamed HeartBleed, this exploit allows an attacker to steal the encryption keys used to secure web traffic, as well as end user and administrative passwords.


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Personal and professional development training from

C&C and the Department of Human Resources have partnered to provide MUN faculty, staff, students and retirees with free access to the popular on-line training website


Apple iPad - C&C Service Offerings

Interested in using the Apple iPad on campus?  You may want to watch this short video that provides an overview of some of the C&C services available on this popular tablet device. 


When Technology Hits the Road

When travelling, Memorial's faculty and staff have several services available to them which allow for communication back to the campus network and access to e-mail, shared folders, etc.


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Our department offers a variety of Services that address the changing needs of Memorial University as a whole. We are pleased to provide you with help throughout this web-page and via our Service Desk, located in the Henrietta Harvey Building.

Please note: C&C has designated weekly Service Maintenance Windows. While not always used, these weekly time slots may be utilized to perform maintenance activities that can potentially affect the performance or availability of a C&C Service.