Bio4241 - Advanced Topics in Genetic Analysis

Memorial University of Newfoundland
Notes for Bio2250 (Principles of Genetics)

Genetic Research in my lab

This course is an extension of Bio2250 to advanced topics in experimental classical & modern genetics.

Bio4241, Winter 2015 semester
        Course Syllabus updated 19 Jan 2015
        Presentation rubric

        Course Schedule: Lectures TuTh 1030-1145, C-2045 [UPDATED 13 Feb]
                                        Lab          Wed 2-5,            Sn-4117

Midterm Essay Questions Final set, 19 Feb 2015

Final Exam Essay Questions, for 15 April 2015, 3-5P, C-2045


Introduction to Advanced Topics in Genetics
Student Presentations
    See the Nobel e-Museum for biographies, summaries & other resources
    See PubMed at NCBI for papers
    Historical material & animations at Cold Spring Harbor Labs DNA Learning Center

        (5) [05 Feb] Molecular Evolution: "Apes & Humans are 99% similar"

Winter Break, 16 - 18 Feb 2015: no lecture or lab

26 Feb: Midterm Exam [Midterm Essay Questions]

Part II: Advanced Topics from TA Brown (2013)

15 April, 3-5P, C-2045: Final Exam [Essay Questions]      BONUS QUESTION: DUE 9A 16 April
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