Bio4241 - Advanced Topics in Genetic Analysis

Notes for Bio2250 (Principles of Genetics)
Research in my lab

This course is an extension of Bio2250 to advanced topics in modern Genetics & Genomics.

Bio4241, Winter 2014 semester
        Course Syllabus
        Course Schedule & Outline: Lectures TuTh 1030-1145, C-2045
                                                          Lab          Wed 2-5,             Sn-4117
        Presentation Schedule & Class List

        Midterm Exam Questions: 05 March 2014 [answer 2 of 4 questions]
        Final Exam Questions:       02 April 2014
   [answer 3 of 5 questions]

Introduction to Advanced Topics in Genetics
Student Presentations
    See the Nobel e-Museum for biographies, summaries & other resources
    See PubMed at NCBI for papers
    Histrical material & animations at Cold Spring Harbor Labs DNA Learning Center

Winter Break, 17 - 19 Feb 2014: no classes

Part II: Selected Advanced Topics from TA Brown (2013)

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