Deidre Elliott

Previous Education

B.Sc. (Anthropology and Biology), Laurentian University, 2014


Dr. Peter Whitridge


Zooarchaeology; Labrador Inuit; human-animal interaction; culture contact; foodways.

Research Statement

My M.A. research entails a zooarchaeological and taphonomical analysis of the faunal remains from three Inuit sites in Labrador. These are winter occupation sites that together span a time period of approximately 350 years and varying degrees of contact with European goods and ideas, as well as access to different sets of resources. Through the analysis of the faunal assemblages of these sites, my aim is to gain insight into traditional foodways, explore the relationships the people at these sites had with animals, to determine how these relationships changed as the Inuit were met with new resources as they moved south through Labrador, and in what ways European contact affected these aspects of Inuit life in Labrador.





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