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PhD Proposal defence: Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison PhD Proposal defence image

Adrian Morrison will be defending his PhD proposal on Friday 27th November at 3:15 in QC-2013, entitled 'Merchants, Migrants, and Military Men: An Archaeology of Life in Early Eighteenth-Century Canso, Nova Scotia'.

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Graduate Student Speakers Series 20/11/2015

Amy Chase talk.

On Friday, November 20th from 3:15-4pm in QC-2013, Amy Chase will discuss the results of her MA research: "Adventures in Cantabrian Paleolithic Art: Neandertal dots and a thesis on the rocks."

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Dean's List 2014-15: Archaeology undergraduates recognised

Archaeology undergraduates recognised on the Dean's List 2014-15.

Congratulations to our archaeology undergraduate students who were recognised during the Dean’s List award ceremony on October 22nd.

The Dean's List is a way of recognising excellence in students who are registered for a BA or BA Honours degree. Compiled annually in the spring, it includes the very best students.

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Visiting Lecturer Series: Dr. Don Holly

Don Holly Presentation

Visiting Lecturer Dr. Don Holly (Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Eastern Illinois University) will be presenting the talk "Amerindian-Paleoeskimo Relations & the Competitive Exclusion Hypothesis"  on Friday, November 6th at 3:15-5pm p.m. in QC-2013. Please see the poster for more information. All are welcome to attend!

Poster [PDF].

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Archaeology students 'go Viking'

As part of their studies examining Norse culture, MUN archaeology students recently got a chance to experiment with Viking-era weaponry and tactics with  the help of  a group of local re-enactors.

The workshop, led by professor Shannon Lewis-Simpson who currently teaches the Norse archaeology course, is featured in a CBC News article.

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Winter 2016 Course Offering - ARCH 2493: Archaeology on Film

ARCH 2493 - Archaeology on Film

The Dept. of Archaeology will be offering ARCH 2493: Archaeology on Film during the winter semester. 

This course explores the use of archaeology as a popular backdrop to many films and documentaries. Yet, the manner in which archaeology is represented in modern film is hardly realistic, or is it? The portrayal of archaeology in popular film will be discussed in order to determine what movies convey to the public about archaeological method and theory as well as the historical stories that archaeologists investigate.

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Field School 2016: Tors Cove

Field School 2016

The Department of Archaeology’s 2016 field school will take place at Tors Cove on the Southern Shore of the Avalon Peninsula, south of St. John’s.

Dr Catherine Losier will lead the excavation of the 17-18th century English migratory fishery occupation at Tors Cove, as well as the non-invasive survey of a 19th-century cemetery site.

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ARCH 3594: Archaeology of Sport

ARCH 3594: Archaeology of Sport

This course surveys the rich global archaeological record of past sporting practices.  While sports associated with Classical Mediterranean civilizations have been well-described, archaeology hints at a much wider – indeed, cross-culturally universal - record of sports and athletic games. 

Classes will explore the full human record of sport, beginning with the emergence of a modern human body equipped for running and other forms of athleticism, and exploring the evidence – sporting equipment, competition venues, artistic depictions, skeletal traces  and more - from diverse times and places.

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ISER Books: History and Renewal of Labrador's Inuit-Metis

History and Renewal of Labrador's Inuit-Metis.

This collection of essays presents new research on the archaeology, history, and contemporary adaptations of Inuit-Métis of central and southeastern Labrador.

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 The North Atlantic Archaeology Journal

The latest edition of the North Atlantic Archaeology Journal

The new North Atlantic Archaeology Journal is now available. For copies contact Dr. Lisa Rankin at

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$20.00 for students