KMb Toolkit

KMb Toolkit: Communities of Practise


We’ve all been there. You are working on a project and you hit a roadblock you know others have encountered, too. If you are lucky, you may have colleagues around you who can help you troubleshoot the problem or you may be working in a department of one and your best bet is a google search. Or, you could be really lucky and belong to a fabulous community of practice group on whose knowledge, expertise and kindness you can draw in your time of need.

Communities of practice come in all shapes and sizes, but they always bring together a group of people with a shared interest and willingness to share their experiences for the good of all members. Dr. Mandy Rowsell, communications and engagement coordinator with the Harris Centre, recently developed a deep dive presentation into communities of practice for Research Impact Canada – a network of knowledge brokers that, among other things, is also a fabulous community of practice. So here it is: Everything you need to know about communities of practice.