Current Students

These are some of the students who are currently enrolled in the Masters of Philosophy in Humanities.

Student Areas of Interest Undergraduate Degree
Paul Nolan Evolutionary Philosophy,
Theological Philosophy
Bsc.- MUN 1976
MBA - MUN 1985

Bachelor of Laws - Osgoode Hall 1989

Peter J. Mackey

Medical representations of disability and the development of the culture of disability.

Sandy Williamson The fishery, globalization and work, common-pool resources, property theory, the politics of knowledge. BA in Literary Studies at the University of Toronto
W. Evan Butler The affects of high technology on culture and identity BFA from NSCAD University, 2006
Lee Butt The superhero graphic novel and vigilantism BA from Memorial University
Dave Reynolds The social function of the superhero in today's myths BA in Philosophy and English from Memorial University
David Furey The power of metaphor in explaining human experience