Student Journals

library booksArmstrong, Kate. Crisis and Repetition: Essays on Art and Culture. East Lansing, Michigan: Michigan State UP, 2001.

Butler, Alison. Unfolding: An Exploration of the Origins and Manifestations of Gnosticism. 1998.

Greeley, Tracey. Finding My Place Amongst the Fragments of a Human Order, 1999.

Hewlin, Terry. Severed Appendage. 1996.

Mayo, Raymond. After reading Plato's Republic The Poet Sang. 1998.

Mahoney, D.M. 3500 Years of Death: Relevance of the Corporation. 1994.

Murray, Sean. The Boat. 1997.

Natoli, Anna. Waiting Wonder Filled Eyes Hands Lightly on Flesh: Double Subjectivity as a Premise for the Exploration of Ethical Communication: Luce Irigaray's Exemplary Practice of Writing Explored Through Utopia, Sexual Difference, and Breathing.? 2000.

Nelmes, Kelvin. A Thousand Rhizomes: Fragments Compleat and Incomplete. 1995.

O'Dea, Conor. Evoking being: reflections on science and expression (A Rhizomatic?Journal). 1999.

Osmond, Alvin. Critical affirmations: the responsibilities of reading. 1995.

Stacey, Medina. Lies sum up and I digress. 1999.

Tong, Janet. The Relic of My Fancy. 1997.

Wadden, Carol. The Language Games of Advertising. 1999.


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