Teaching faculty

Arts building

The roster of faculty teaching in the program depends on availability, the courses being offered, and so on.

The Faculty of Arts at Memorial constitutes the major pool of lecturers, but the program also draws on other faculties as well as on artists and other members of the St. John's arts and culture community.


Guest lecturers from universities and other institutions across Canada and internationally also teach in courses.


The following is a partial list of those who have taught in the program in recent years (university faculty are from MUN unless otherwise specified).

  • Dr. Phyllis Artiss, English
  • Dr. David Bell, Religious Studies
  • Dr. James Bradley, Philosophy
  • Dr. Philip Branigan, Linguistics
  • Dr. Jean Briggs, Anthropology
  • Dr. Stuart Brown, Anthropology
  • Dr. Vit Bubenik, Linguistics
  • Dr. Roberta Buchanan, English
  • Professor Tony Chadwick, French and Spanish
  • Ms. Marlene Creates (Photographer)
  • Dr. John Crellin, Medicine
  • Professor Mary Dalton (Poet), English
  • Dr. Stuart Durrant, German and Russian
  • Dr. Carrie Dyck, Linguistics
  • Dr. Diane Goldstein, Folklore
  • Dr. Noreen Golfman, English
  • Dr. David Graham, French and Spanish
  • Dr. Jane Green, Genetics
  • Professor Jean Guthrie, English
  • Dr. Roberta Hammett, Education
  • Professor John Hare, French and Spanish
  • Dr. Peter Hart, History
  • Dr. John Hewson, Linguistics
  • Dr. Mark Joyal, Classics
  • Dr. Gregory Kealey, History
  • Dr. Mark Knighton, German and Russian
  • Dr. Andrew Latus, Philosophy
  • Dr. Elliot Leyton, Anthropology
  • Dr. Jon Lien, Psychology
  • Ms. Mary Lewis (Film-maker)
  • Ms. Lisa Moore (Fiction writer)
  • Dr. Marguerite MacKenzie, Linguistics
  • Dr. Niamh Moore, Geography, University Collge Dublin
  • Dr. Faye Murrin, Biology
  • Dr. James Overton, Sociology
  • Dr. Gerald Pocius, Folklore
  • Dr. Jennifer Porter, Religious Studies
  • Mr. Ray Roddick (Sculptor)
  • Dr. Hans Rollmann, Religious Studies
  • Dr. Ronald Rompkey, English
  • Dr. Clark Ross, Music
  • Dr. John Scott, Philosophy
  • Dr. Michael Shute, Religious Studies
  • Dr. Antonia Stafford, Philosophy
  • Dr. David Thompson, Philosophy
  • Professor Adrian Tronson, Classics
  • Dr. Linda Vecchi, English
  • Dr. Scott Walden (Photographer), Philosophy, NYU
  • Professor Michael Wallack, Political Science
  • Dr. Robin Whitaker, Anthropology
  • Dr. Mary Williams, Engineering


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