What the Office of General Counsel does

 Roles and Responsibilities
  • To provide strategic legal advice as well as a full-range of legal services directly to the University, its senior administration and the Board of Regents.
  • To identify and to recommend procedures and practices to protect the University from undue liability and to assist with risk assessment and control.
  • To provide legal advice and services directly to faculties and administrative units when requested by the deans or administrative heads of unit.
  • To retain, instruct and oversee external legal counsel on behalf of the University.
  • To manage the costs of legal services in an effective and cost efficient manner in order to maximize the value of the University’s expenditures and to minimize the University’s exposure to risk.
  • To provide seminars and other education-oriented initiatives on legal issues affecting the University.
  • To participate in special initiatives and sensitive projects on an as-needed basis.