Community Garden Guidelines

  1. To be a lead member of a plot, I must be a current student of Memorial University who is continuing studies in the upcoming fall semester, or a current or retired staff or faculty member of Memorial University. If my status changes, I will notify the garden board.
  2. The primary mode of communication with the garden board is by email.
  3. I understand this is an organic garden and will consult with the garden board before application of fertilizers, herbicides or pest controls. If unapproved fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used, I understand and agree that I will have to reimburse any costs related to the analysis or remediation of the soil.
  4. I will have something planted in my plot by the date stated by the garden board and will use the plot throughout the summer. If the plot is not used by the specified date, it will be reallocated to a new member.
  5. I will ensure that members of my plot contribute to general maintenance of the garden (e.g. weeding common areas, tidying the shed, filling water containers) and/or garden projects by volunteering a minimum of two hours per plot during the season. Members will be notified of opportunities. If members of the plot fail to complete the required volunteer hours, the lead member will not be eligible to renew in the following year.
  6. I will notify the garden board if I am no longer able to take care of my plot, will be absent for an extended period, or have asked a friend to tend my garden. In the latter case, this person will have to sign this agreement.
  7. I am responsible for keeping my plot tidy with weeds kept to a minimum, and for the trimming of grass and weeds around the perimeter (wooden frame) of my plot. If a plot becomes unkempt (e.g. diseased plants not removed), it is at the discretion of the garden board to set a deadline for cleanup.
  8. I am responsible for removal and disposal of all debris from my plot as directed by the garden board.
  9. I will not grow anything high enough to negatively affect the growth of neighbouring plots (e.g. sunflower, corn).
  10. I must not plant anywhere other than in my own garden plot unless permission has been obtained by the garden board of directors.
  11. I will ensure that my plot is properly closed down by the date designated by the community garden administration. For members who are not returning in the following year, this includes the removal of all vegetation.
  12. I will not drink alcohol, smoke, or bring animals inside the perimeter of the garden.
  13. I will not share access to the tool shed with anyone who is not a member of the garden.
  14. Tools from the shed must be cleaned after each use and returned to the shed. I agree to cover the cost of replacement of tools if I am found negligent with their use.
  15. I will lock the shed and make sure equipment is stored properly if I am the last person to leave the garden.
  16. I am welcome to bring guests or family occasionally and I understand that I am responsible for their behaviour within the perimeter of the garden.
  17. I am responsible for the cost of all damage to the University’s premises caused by any person that I invite to the premises and shall reimburse the University all costs within 15 days of the University providing me with an invoice for such damages.
  18. The University reserves the right to revoke permission for the use of the garden as a result of safety or emergency concerns or the occurrence of other high priority incidents on the University’s campus.
  19. I will not carry on any activities that will create a nuisance for other users of the University facilities.
  20. I agree to abide by all fire and safety regulations and other laws and regulations governing the use of the University’s premises.
  21. The University cannot be held responsible for the results of the garden.
  22. I can hold my plot as the lead member for a maximum of three gardening seasons. After a one season “time-out period”, I can re-apply to be a lead member of a plot.
  23. If I do not follow the garden guidelines listed here, I will not be able to renew my plot.
  24. I understand that failure to comply with these Garden Guidelines will result in the removal of my rights regarding the plot.