About the CEQ


Requesting CEQ Reports

Please note that requests for past CEQ reports may take up to 5 business days to process. Please send requests to ciap@mun.ca detailing courses and respective semesters.


Soliciting feedback from students

In the absence of the Course Evaluation Questionnaire (CEQ), instructors can get anonymous feedback from students about their learning experience by using the Brightspace Survey tool. This tool enables you to design and administer your own anonymous feedback survey before the end of the semester, and can be used any time you want to assess the impact of a particular practice or instructional approach on student learning. Students access the survey with a link in the Brightspace course site; once completed, you can view and export the results. For support on using the Brightspace Survey tool, review this helpful resource or contact the CITL Support Centre.


The Course Evaluation Questionnaire (CEQ) is the universal evaluation form for courses at Memorial University. The CEQ instrument, policies and procedures were originally adopted by the University in June 2000 and the first CEQ administration occurred in the Fall of 2001. Starting in Winter 2013, the CEQ is administered online through student self-service.  Administration begins two weeks prior to the end of the semester in the Fall, Winter and Spring semesters and one week prior to the end of the semester in the Intersession and Summer sessions, and ends the day before the final examination period starts for that semester.

The Senate Committee on Course Evaluation (SCCE) is responsible for overseeing the administration of the CEQ and related procedures. The Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning (CIAP), under the direction of the Senate Committee on Course Evaluation (SCCE), coordinates the administration of the CEQ.