Memorial's student course feedback instrument, the Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ), is administered online through the cloud-based enterprise solution Blue by Explorance.

Please check back regularly for updates on the revised CEQ process and implementation. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information or contact if you have additional questions about the CEQ. Note that the 'Resources and Guides' section requires MUN Login.

CEQ Key Dates: Fall 2023
Date Integrity Gateway (DIG) deadline November 1, 2023
Instructor question personalization (QP) deadline November 17, 2023
CEQ administration period start, fall 2023 November 23, 2023
CEQ administration period end, fall 2023 December 6, 2023
Report distribution After January 12, 2024

Background on the new CEQ process can be found in the report of the Special Senate Committee for Evaluating Course and Teaching Effectiveness (