Additional Topics in Natural Selection

Selection on advantageous Dominant, Recessive, or Additive (Semi-dominant) alleles
[NS 07-05]

    Viability Selection in detail [NS 07-Box2smc] [cf. NS 07-Box3]

    Additive Selection with additive fitness [NS 07-04] HOMEWORK

    Genic Selection with multiplicative fitness [NS 07-Box5] HOMEWORK

    Haploid Selection on SNP variants in RNA viruses: Covid-19 [cf. NS 07-01]

     Fertility Selection: Mother / offspring incompatibility in Rh blood type [NS 07-Tab1]

     Frequency-Dependent selection [SR2019 4.11, 4.12]

     Evolutionary Game Theory:
             "Attack - Defense" model of intra-specific competition as game
             "Hawk - Dove" Game
[SR2019 4.15]
             "Rock - Paper - Scissors"

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