Chap 3 - Coalescence Theory

Basic concept of coalescence [NS 03-01]

oalescence of two individuals to an MRCA [NS 03-02]

oalescence of multiple individuals to an MRCA [NS 03-05]

oalescence of all individuals to an MRCA [NS 03-05smc]

Math of coalescence: Marbles, SNPs, & taxi cabs

Components of a coalescence tree [NS 03-06]

DNA sequence variation within a population: an example [NS_03-DNA_data smc] HOMEWORK
                                                         Tajima's estimator
π [NS_03-Eqn 3.5]

MRCAs of individuals versus populations
[NS 03-07]

Site Frequency Spectrum (SFS) model of variation
[NS 03-08]
        SFS versus Folded SFS

SFS Model, infinite alleles model
[NS 03-09]

MRCA expectations for expanding, stationary, & decreasing populations
[NS 03-10]

HOMEWORK DNA sequence variation in eight primates; distance matrix; Coalescent Tree

                          DNA sequence variation in eight Atlantic Cod

Figures from Nielsen & Slatkin (2013); Text material © 2022 by Steven M. Carr