MIMS Incident Report Types

Accident/Near Miss: Instances when there is an injury or a hazardous event that had the
potential to injure a member of the University community.

Alcohol/Drugs: An event where the consumption/possession of alcohol or illegal drugs is

Behaviour: An incident where the behaviour of an individual is disruptive or places at risk the
safety/security of themselves, others, or property belonging to the University. Types include
Assault, Causing a Disturbance, Harassment (not Sexual), Inappropriate/Indecent Behaviour,
Non-Academic Bribery, Sexual Harassment, Threats, Weapons, or Other.

Fire/Explosion: Report of fire or explosion that has taken place on University property or
damaged University property. Also includes reports that are false alarms, such as accidental
alarm activations or alarms activated when there is smoke or a potential fire/explosion.

Hazardous Material Release / Spill: An event in which hazardous materials are spilled or
released into an environment (indoors or outdoors). Also includes potential or suspected

Health: Physical or mental ailments that might affect one or multiple members of the University
Community. Types include Communicable Disease, Mental Health, and Physical Health/Illness.

Inspection Report: Provides a summary of the inspection by Environmental Health and Safety
- resulting Non-compliances are recorded individually.

Missing Person(s): Reports of missing or potentially missing person(s) affiliated with the

Non-Compliance: Reports of an individual or unit affiliated with the University that is not in
compliance with provincial or federal legislation, or a Memorial University Policy or Procedure.

Property Damage: An event that has caused property damage, building closure or systems
failure to areas or property of the University.

Student Support: Used to record student support requests/instances, including Emergency
Funding, Non-Academic Appeals, Student Crisis, Student Support, Respectful Learning/Student
Mistreatment reports.

Theft/Lost Property: Reports of lost or stolen property on University property, or of University
property, both suspected and confirmed.

Unauthorized Access: Events where individuals not known or welcome to University property
or events are found.