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Paula Graham

Masters of Philosophy – Policy Studies – University of New Brunswick

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Philosophy (minor in Communications) University of Ottawa

Diploma in Radio Broadcasting Algonquin College 

Supervisor: Dr. Mark Stoddart


Research Interests:

My main research interests are political participation (how people engage, or not, with politics and political ideas), social movements, and creative forms of activism. I plan to centre my research around questions such as: What social and political issues are exposed through art that are not, or cannot, be revealed or expressed in other ways? How do activists express their political ideas through visual art, on an individual level? What is the role of creativity and art in social movements on a broader scale? How is art used as a way to reach out to people who are typically excluded from political conversations?
Rather than focusing on the outcomes of social movements I intend to explore the process of activism and creating art for and within social movements. I will engage with creative activists of recent social movements and analyze the artworks and images they create.