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Collins Nwabunike


Education: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Sociology (minor in Psychology) Memorial University 2013

Supervisor: Eric Tenkorang

Thesis Title:

Domestic Violence Among the Three Major Ethnic Groups In Nigeria


Broadly, I am interested in the sexual reproductive health of women, particularly those in limited resource countries such as Nigeria. Drawing on Fisher and Fisher’s IMB framework, my honors’ thesis examined the HIV testing behaviors of women in Nigeria. Using feminist, life course and cultural theories, my master’s research project will focus on domestic violence among the three major ethnic groups (Igbos, Yoruba and Hausa) in Nigeria. Domestic violence appears to be high among some ethnic groups in Nigeria, yet studies that examine the ethnic dimensions of such violence are missing in the literature. My research seeks to fill this gap using data from the recently collected Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS).

Research Interest:

Quantitative methods

Social Inequality & Demography

Sociology of Health

Recent Publications:

Tenkorang, Eric & Nwabunike, C. (2013). Determinants of HIV Testing Among Women in Nigeria (Under review).

Recent Presentations:

Nwabunike, C andTenkorang, Eric Y. 2013.Determinants of HIV testing among women in Nigeria. Presented at the 2013 Annual CASID Conference titled ‘Social change at the edge’. University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, June 4-6th, 2013.