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New graduate students @ Memorial

Congratulations! Your admission to Memorial University’s School of Graduate Studies brings you into a community of renowned learners and researchers. Please view a special message to new graduate students from the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Follow the steps below to ensure you start your graduate program off on the right foot! (Click on each step below for additional information.)

If you have been conditionally admitted to a graduate program at Memorial, please note that you will have to fulfil those conditions before taking some of the steps below.

If you receive full or conditional admission to a graduate program but are unable to arrive in time, you may wish to defer your admission to a later semester. You should make this request initially to your academic unit.

Step 1. Accept the offer of admission and review the regulations.


Fully admitted students (or students receiving deferred admissions or transfers) are asked to complete and submit the ACCEPT/DECLINE form to SGS as quickly as possible to hold their space in the graduate program.

All admitted graduate students are strongly encouraged to review the regulations governing graduate students and programs at Memorial and to refer back to them throughout their graduate program.



Step 2. (for international graduate students only) Apply for a study permit.


If you are an international student, upon receipt of the admission letter, immediately apply for a valid study permit and visitor’s visa (refer to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website,, or the International Student Advising Office website,, for details).


Step 3. Understand your responsibilities as a graduate student.


All graduate students must review and understand the information on the Integrity and Ethics – Scholarly Essentials website:

Review the Responsibilities of Supervisors and Graduate Students and Policy on Intellectual Property documents before starting your graduate program. Any restrictions on intellectual property rights at the beginning of your program will be reflected on the IP Environment Review form and sent to you with your full offer letter by SGS. While there will be no delay in a student’s thesis progression based on IP concerns, and the copyright of a thesis will belong to the student, you should be aware that your work may be subject to any or all of the following: 1) confidentiality obligations, 2) delays to publication for a sponsor’s review, 3) licensing of intellectual property to a third party, and 4) ownership of intellectual property may reside with a third party. Accepting the offer of admission and enrolling in your program will mean you have accepted these restrictions.

Ensure the status noted in your Program of Study form is accurate. Please refer to the University regulations for definitions of full-time and part-time status. Remember, to change your status in the future, you will have to complete and submit a Change of Status form.


Step 4. Design a budget.


The Minimum Expense Form will outline the costs associated with your graduate program, including estimated cost of living in St. John’s and Corner Brook.

If you are an international student and must apply for a study permit, be sure to use this information for your application.


Step 5. Identify the important dates and deadlines.


The University Diary lists important dates and deadlines for Memorial graduate students. Know when these dates are (e.g., when classes start, when graduate registration begins, deadline for fees payment) and check throughout the semester and your graduate program.


Step 6. Late admission/registration.


If you are a full-time student and have been admitted late or are registering late, please consult with the Graduate Students' Union on whether it will be possible to opt into the health and dental insurance plan for your first semester.


Step 7. Look for housing.


If required, the Off-Campus Housing Office can help you find accommodations in St. John's (students in graduate programs at the Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook can contact Grenfell's Off-Campus Housing Office) . If you are an international graduate student, the International Student Advising Office has additional resources:


Step 8. (for international graduate students only) Upon arrival, visit the International Student Advising Office and sign up for the English Placement Test (if required).


After arriving on St. John's campus, visit the International Student Advising Office (address in The Guide for New Graduate Students or visit for details on foreign health insurance, immigration, accommodations, and other important matters). You must submit your valid study permit to the ISA Office upon arrival.

(Graduate students at Grenfell Campus, Corner Brook, will be expected to report to the International Student Programming Coordinator, room AS234B, Arts and Science Building).

If you are receiving funding from a graduate assistantship, you will require a Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.). For more information on social insurance numbers, please visit the following website:

You can apply for a S.I.N. at:**

St. John's Human Resources Centre Canada
223 Churchill Avenue, Pleasantville
St. John's, NL
Phone 772-2982

** You will require a contract of employment from your department (printed on Memorial University letterhead), an enrolment verification letter, and the SIN application form.

The English Placement Test is required for all graduate students who fulfilled the English proficiency requirement by submitting a minimum score in TOEFL, IELTS, CAEL, CanTEST, or the Michigan Test of English Proficiency. If applicable, learn more about the English Placement Test by contacting the ESL Program Office after arriving on campus or visit the English Placement Test page

For students attending Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook, please visit Grenfell's English Placement Test page, or contact Hadija Drummond for more information.


Step 9. Registration.


Students are required to be registered in Graduate Registration (Subject 9000 or MED 9900) for each semester of the three-semester academic year throughout the entire period of the program. This policy applies, whether they are taking courses or not, unless a leave of absence has been approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Students register through Memorial Self-Service. The courses you are responsible for are listed on the Program of Study form sent with your full admission letter. You may wish to discuss your courses with your supervisor(s) (particularly those labeled 'To Be Determined' or electives).

Registration for all graduate students at Memorial will begin at the same time and date. For more information, please see Graduate Registration Procedures on the Office of the Registrar website. Please ensure you register by the appropriate deadline (as noted in The University Diary). Students can register using the computers located in The Commons, in the University Library.

After you register, you may request an enrolment verification letter (if necessary) through Memorial Self-Service.

A student registered in a diploma, master's or doctoral program may not concurrently pursue studies leading to any other degree without the prior approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Withdrawal from a program can only be done by notifying the School of Graduate Studies in writing. The deadline date for each semester for fee liability is stated in the University Diary. 


Step 10. Pay tuition and fees by the appropriate deadline (as noted in the University Diary).


For detailed information regarding tuition and fees, please visit the Tuition and Related Fees section of the University Calendar.

At the time of first registration, each Master's candidate must select a payment plan, for which s/he is eligible. The program fee payable in the first and subsequent semesters will depend upon the payment plan selected. Once selected, the choice of payment plan will remain in effect for the duration of the student's program and cannot be changed.  The payment plan can only be changed in the first semester of study.

Tuition fees at Memorial University are charged on a semester-by-semester basis and reflect the cost of the program and not, for example, the number of required courses, etc. Courses taken over and above those required for the program are charged at the undergraduate per-course rate. Students are liable for any increase in fees during their program.

Please note that if a program takes longer to complete than the number of semester fees payable, a continuance fee is charged for each additional semester required (e.g., Master's Plan A chosen but eight semesters required to complete the program requires payment of six semester fees and two continuance fees). If a program takes less time to complete than the number of semester fees payable, the remaining semester fees must be paid on program completion, for example:

  1. Plan A chosen but program completed in four semesters; requires payment of the remaining two semester fees.

  2. Doctoral program completed in ten semesters; requires payment of the remaining two semester fees.

For more information, please see the Minimum Expense Form.

Tuition and all related fees are due when a student registers. This includes the fees for the upcoming semester and any outstanding fees from previous semesters. To avoid a late payment penalty, please ensure that fees are paid by the fee payment deadline as listed in the University Diary.

For a detailed listing of all financial regulations and fees, please see the Fees and Charges section of the current University Calendar. The fees and charges included therein are valid at the date of printing and are subject to change.  

Please visit the Cashier’s Office website for information fees payment. Graduate students who wish to have their tuition paid from their bi-weekly financial support can now request the service online through Memorial University Self-Service. In such cases, your semester program and ancillary fees will be allocated over the number of pay periods available within a given semester and will be deducted from your bi-weekly support. To sign up for payroll deductions through Self-Service, students may click on the “Employee Services” tab and then the “Graduate Student Payroll Deduction Request.”

Graduate students signing up for payroll deductions must do so every semester. Current students already on funding will be able to sign up for online payroll deductions 24 hours after they register. New students will be able to sign up for online payroll deductions on the first day of classes. All graduate students must complete their online submissions before the last day to register (two weeks after the start of classes). After the last day to register, you will not be able to sign up for payroll deductions until the following semester.

If eligible, opt out of health or dental insurance plans using opt-out forms available through the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) by the appropriate deadline (refer to the Graduate Students' Union website for more information). All registered international graduate students are automatically enrolled in an emergency health insurance plan. However, you may meet eligibility requirements to opt out of the mandatory plan. Please see the International Student Advising website for details.

If you are eligible to opt out of the recreation fee, complete and submit the appropriate form.


Step 11. Update your personal information, set up your email, set up WIFI, get a campus card, and get a parking permit (if required).


Make changes to your personal information (particularly permanent mailing address) via Memorial Self-Service, and be sure to set up and regularly check your email account through the Computing and Communications website. The University will send written correspondence to your permanent mailing address and email address only.

Current registered students of Memorial can access the university's wireless network.  Visit the Computing and Communications website for step by step set up instructions.

To get a Campus Card, visit the Answers website (you must be registered before you can obtain a Campus Card).

Full-time, registered graduate students are eligible to apply for parking permits between May 1 and August 31. Permits will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and the area of permit sold will be sold based on availability. All other graduate students are eligible for a lottery.


Step 12. Check out the student services available to you as Memorial graduate students, attend Graduate Student Orientation and stay connected.


Memorial University is proud to offer a broad range of professional skills development programs and services for graduate diploma, master's, and doctoral students. The Enhanced Development of the Graduate Experience (EDGE) is a comprehensive viewing tool that identifies opportunities for students to become fully integrated into the Memorial scholarly community and to develop professional skills beyond those gained within the disciplines.

Graduate Orientation 2014 will take place in early September. Information regarding the event will be updated on the Graduate Orientation website in April 2014.

The School of Graduate Studies has an active Facebook page and Twitter account to assist you throughout your graduate program. Join our social media pages for up-to-date information on news and events, or to ask a question.  Our staff post frequently throughout the day and will be happy to answer any inquires you may have about graduate life at Memorial.

The Glenn Roy Blundon Centre co-ordinates services for students with disabilities and those with short-term illnesses and injuries attending Memorial University of Newfoundland’s St. John’s Campus. Services and accommodations include: assistance arranging academic accommodations for tests and exams (medical or psycho-educational documentation is required), access to assistive technology, orientation of new students, note-taking assistance, card access to wheelchair elevators and lifts on campus, in-servicing of faculty and staff regarding disability issues and accommodations, and a liaising network among students, faculty, staff, and community groups.

In keeping with Memorial’s commitment to ensuring an environment of understanding, respect and inclusion, the Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Policy establishes principles, guidelines and responsibilities respecting access to University services, facilities and housing for students with disabilities in accordance with the Newfoundland and Labrador Human Rights Act, 2010.

For further information, contact the Centre by visiting the University Centre, room UC4007, or by telephone to (709) 864-2156 (Voice), (709) 864-4763 (TTY), or by e-mail to, or through the website at For information about the services available at Grenfell Campus, contact the Student Services Learning Centre in person at room AS235, or by telephone to (709) 637-6268, or by e-mail to, or through the website at For information about the services available at the Fisheries and Marine Institute Campus, contact the Department of Student Affairs in person at room W3011, or by telephone to (709) 757-0702, or through the website at

For more information about Memorial's St. John's campus, visit the virtual tour.