Traveling on University Business?


Memorial University recognizes the need for academic, administrative and research units to travel in order to fulfill the needs of University.  Whenever traveling on University business whether it be domestic or international travel, there is always risk involved.
The University's liability insurance policy provides coverage for University sanctioned events worldwide.  It is, however,  the responsibility of the participating members to ensure they have proper medical coverage for their specific destination.
The Department of Risk and Insurance services is here to provide any person or group traveling on University business  the information to properly plan and carry out all travel with piece of mind that they are covered from an insurance perspective and that in the event of an incident during your travels that we are here to assist you. 
How will you be traveling? 

Domestic Travel 

Domestic travel is considered any travel that takes place within Canada.

Any member of the University community that takes part in domestic travel on behalf of the University can be involved in any range of activity from individual conference travel to group field work and anything in between.

All travel will involve some risk and anyone traveling as an individual or in a group should ensure that they take all precautions and plan their travel in a way that will ensure that the proper insurance is in place and risks are taken into account.

To assist in planning your off campus travel, please review the Travel Checklist.

 International Travel 

 When traveling internationally there are many factors to consider to ensure that you have a safe and successful trip. Some of these factors include, but are not limited to:

  • current political conditions of the country
  • the environmental conditions (i.e. weather)
  • the crime rate in the area
  • health conditions including common diseases or parasites

You should reference the Government of Canada's Travel Website to obtain up-to-date risk level for the country you will be traveling to. In the event that the risk level is "Exercise a high degree of caution," or higher you must contact Risk and Insurance Services prior to departure as coverage may not apply.

For more information regarding international travel, including orientation for the particular country you are traveling to please contact the International Centre.


When traveling anywhere off campus on behalf of Memorial University please review the General Travel Checklist.  


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