Selective or Limited Entry (Faculty) Programs

Applications for admission or readmission to the University, for all undergraduate degree programs, are to be submitted via the University's online application form. Current and returning students of Memorial University should use the application which is provided within the Admissions Menu of Memorial Self-Service to request either general readmission or admission to one of the Faculty Programs below. Submit any required supplementary documents directly to the Office of the Registrar.

General Admission

Admission to the Faculties of ScienceHumanities and Social Sciences, or Business (except the programs listed below); and to programs offered by the Grenfell Campus (except the programs listed below) is offered to any applicant who meets the University’s minimum general admission requirements. These are outlined under Categories of Admission in the University Calendar. Details concerning specific requirements for admission by curriculum, province, and country are further explained online here. Advice for transfer applications is provided online here.

General admission applications are considered for admission eligibility by the Office of the University Registrar. Decisions concerning general admission eligiblity are communicated by this office.

Faculty Admission

Applications for admission or readmission to all undergraduate programs, and any supporting documents that are needed to complete a faculty application, are submitted to the University via the Office of the Registrar. Applications for admission to the faculties, schools, or programs listed below are forwarded to the related academic units by the Office of the Registrar once all required documents are received. Decisions concerning admission to these programs are made, and communicated to applicants, by the academic unit.

The Office of the Registrar automatically considers applications for admission to any of the programs below for general pre-faculty admission eligibility for all international applicants and any applicants applicants who are new to post-secondary studies.

Eligible applicants will receive a pre-faculty offer of general University admission from the Registrar`s Office. International applicants will be offered an altnerate program of study. Otherwise, unless an altnerate program has been requested, the general offer be made with an undeclared program of study. Applicants may request a specific alternate program of study by contacting following the submission of their faculty application.

1. All inquiries, applications, and forms regarding admission to the Faculty of Medicine should be directed to that faculty.