Application Deadlines

The information below is for general advice and is accurate as of the date of publication.  Consult the University Calendar for details and current information.  Submission of the General Undergraduate Application for Admission/Readmission is required for all students who are new to the University and for returning students who have not registered for courses in one of the three semesters preceding the application semester.

The programs to which admission is available for applicants who meet the general undergraduate requirements for admission, without the requirement for submission of a supplementary applicaiton or other documents, are:

    • the Bachelor Arts;
    • the Bachelor of Science;
    • the Business of Business Administration;
    • the Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative) Term A/B (new students only); 
    • all Grenfell Campus programs except Fine Arts; and
    • an unspecified program of study.

Otherwise, many of the programs listed below have strict application and document submission requirements while some have more flexibility as determined by the responsible academic unit. Early application and prompt follow up with required documentation are always encouraged.


Admission Semesters and Associated Application Deadlines

General Admission/Application (These are priority deadlines.  See the information at left for advice regarding late applications): Fall - March 1
Winter - October 1
Spring (including sessions) - February 1
  • Intersession (May to June)
  • Summer Session (July to August)
Business: (same as General Application deadlines) Fall - March 1
Winter - October 1
Spring - February 1
Convocation: Fall - July 15
Spring - January 15
Primary/Elementary (1st and 2nd degree)
Fall - January 15
Spring - January 15
Fall - January 15
Intermediate/Secondary Conjoint with the Diploma in Technology Education
Spring - January 15
Music Education (1st and 2nd degree)
Fall - January 15
Special Education
Fall - January 15
Native & Northern Teacher Education
ongoing intake
Post-Secondary Education (1st and 2nd degree)
Fall - May 15
Winter - September 15
Diploma in Adult Learning and Post-Secondary Education
Fall - May 15
Winter - September 15
Engineering: Fall - March 1
         Engineering One Fall - March 1
         Academic Term 3 Fall - March 1

Beyond Academic     Term 3 (Readmission only)

Fall - June 1
Winter - October 1
Spring - February 1

Fine Arts:  
Theatre Arts
Fall - March 31
Visual Arts
Fall - March 1
Human Kinetics/Recreation: Fall - March 1
Marine Institute (Degree Programs):

Fall - June 15
       (Official transcripts due June 30)
Winter - October 15
        (Official transcripts due October 30)
Spring - March 15
         (Official transcripts due March 30) 

Medicine: Fall - September 15
Music: Fall - January 15
Nursing: Fall - March 1 
B.N. (Collaborative) Four-Year Program Fall - March 1
B.N. (Collaborative) Fast-Track Option Fall - March 1
B.N. (Collaborative) LPN Bridging Option Spring - February 1
Pharmacy: Fall - February 1
Psychology (Arts/Science/Honours): Fall - June 1
Winter - October 1
Social Work (1st and 2nd degree):

Fall - March 1
Winter - March 1