Newfoundland and Labrador High School Students - Admission Requirements

High School Average Calculation for Admission Purposes

The final admission average for applicants who have followed the Newfoundland and Labrador high school curriculum is calculated based upon final grades in the ten required credits at the Grade 12 level in English, Mathematics, Laboratory Science, Social Studies or Modern/Classical Language, and Elective 1. The grades earned in the four additional credits required in Math and Science at the Grade 11 level (including Science 1206) are not included in the average calculation.

When selecting courses to be included in the admission average, the eligible course(s) with the highest grade in each subject area is (are) used first. If the courses with the two highest grades in a subject area are worth one-credit each (which is sometimes the case in the “elective” category) they are combined to form the two credits required in that subject area.

If the highest grades in a required subject area are associated with two courses worth one credit and two credits each respectively, and the grade for the one-credit course is higher, this grade is used first and the grade for the remaining credit will come from the two-credit course. Please see the examples below.


Course Grade # Credits Credit/Grade

Example 1: 2-Credit Courses only 2

English 3201 80 2 2x80= 160
Mathematics 3200 75 2 2x75= 150
Mathematics 2200 (not used in avg.)      
Chemistry 3202 75 2 2x75=150
Chemistry 2202 (not used in avg.)      

World History 3201
85 2 2x85=170
Art and Design 3200 65 2 2x65=130
Final Admission Average
10 760/10 = 76%
Example 2: Combination of 2 and 1-Credit Courses2
English 3201 80 2 2x80= 160
Mathematics 3201 75 2 2x75= 150
Mathematics 2201 (not used in avg.)      
Chemistry 3202 75 2 2x75= 150
Chemistry 2202 (not used in avg.)      
French 3203 85 2 2x85= 170
World Religions 3106 90 1 1x90= 90
Art and Design 3200 (one of two credits) 65 1 1x65= 65
Final Admission Average 10 785/10 = 78.5%

1. Please see the online University Calendar for details regarding the regulations governing admission to Memorial University.

2. The second digit from the left in each course number denotes the credit value.

3. Math 3200: Students who write the Math 3200 public examination are automatically assigned a grade for Math 3203 (Math Scholarship Score) on their high school transcripts. Math 3203 has no credit value. The higher of the Mathematics 3203 or Mathematics 3200 grade is used by Memorial University to calculate a student's final admission average. For further information about Mathematics 3203, please contact the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.