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Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) 1000 - Health Privacy Law Training  

The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) 1000- Health Privacy Law Course is mandatory and is required to be completed prior to beginning any clinical placements in Newfoundland and Labrador. This course is offered in the Fall semester through distance learning at MUN.

Students have to register for this course through MUN Self-Service registration. The course reference number (CRN) is 56744 Section 004 for Fall Semester 2015. Students should review the Home Page on D2L first before completing the 45 minute track for health care providers. Following the completion of the course, print the Record of Achievement form and the Oath/Affirmation of Confidentiality form.

The Oath/Affirmation of Confidentiality form has to be signed in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths. During the Fall semester a time will be arranged for witnessing your documents. The Commissioner for Oaths is required to review your Memorial University Student Identification card. Following the Oath, you will be required to submit the original copies of the documents to the Clinical Program Administrator, School of Nursing.

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