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Nursing - it's for the boys too!

Costa Kasimos and Steve Pike are students in the BN program at Memorial's School of Nursing.

What does a former executive director of Planned Parenthood who researched invasive plant species for his master's degree in biology have in common with a former carpenter and part-time musician who built movie sets in the Bell Island mine tunnels, and played bass in The Kremlin (the band, not the Russian seat of government!)?

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Save the date for SON Reunion 2014

School of Nursing Class of 1984

We're bringing together SON graduates from the classes of 2004/1999/1994/1989/1984/1979/1974, from our MN program (years 84-92), and from our outpost nursing program, as part of this fall's Reunion 2014! We want to see you there!


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2014 graduation ceremony captured in photos!

Dr. Alice Gaudine, dean pro tempore, and new graduate Martha North

Memorial's School of Nursing makes a big deal out of graduation for bachelors and master of nursing students!



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