Undergraduate Degrees - 4 year Bachelor of Music with majors in:

  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Musicologies (including music history and ethnomusicology)
  • Joint Major in Music Performance and Musicologies
  • Major in Music Performance with Minor in Composition
  • General Musical Studies (with optional minor from a discipline other than music)
  • Minor in Music History
  • Interdisciplinary Minor in Music and Culture

Plus: two ways to study Music Education

Conjoint Degrees: Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Music Education (5 year program)

Bachelor of Music with Comprehensive Major followed by Bachelor of Music Education as a Second Degree (6 year program)

Graduate Degrees

Master of Music:

  • Performance
  • Performance/pedagogy
  • Conducting

M.A. and Ph.D.:

  • Ethnomusicology