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Outreach Services


The transition to life in Canada and the adjustment to studies at Memorial University can be both an exciting and challenging experience. Students who come to Canada have specific goals in mind and the ISA Office would like to assist you in making your experience here successful. If you are encountering difficulties you are welcome to come and visit the ISA Office to speak with an International Student Advisor.

Typically the primary concerns students encounter relate to academic, financial and personal matters but any questions or concerns students have are welcome. Sometimes issues can be addressed directly by staff of the ISA Office but often referrals are necessary to other services on campus and in the community. An advisor can help you consider options and explain services available to you.

Some issues that students have sought help with include:

  • Academic performance and understanding the Canadian education system
  • Cultural adjustment and homesickness
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Relationship issues, making friends and feeling part of the community
  • Hospitalizations or unforeseen interruptions in study
  • Crisis situations in the student’s home country

The ISA Office is in regular correspondence with students but it is up to the student to get in touch if you want to meet one-on-one with an advisor. To do so, you can drop by or make an appointment to see Juanita Hennessey, International Student Advisor - Outreach Coordinator