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Webinar Set Up Instructions

Quick Note:

You are strongly advised to enter the room at least one day ahead of time to download the webinar software called Elluminate Live. These files are downloaded only once. The detailed instructions will guide you through this process.

Once you download the software and enter the webinar, the program will automatically walk you through the steps starts to configure your audio settings and set your connection speed. To do this, follow the instructions provided on the Whiteboard (right side of screen).

These webinars are run on a program called Elluminate Live. Your computer will need certain requirements in order to run this program. Please follow these steps to ensure you will be able to enter the webinar:

  1. Check your hardware requirements

    • You will need a computer with:
      • A soundcard AND
      • Speakers OR headset
  2. Check your software requirements

  3. Enter the webinar and configure Elluminate Live

    • Click on the link you have received by email.

    • A new window will open, displaying the session details. In section 2, choose "Guest" and enter your email address, and your display name (which will be your first name). Click “Log In”.

    • The following screen will tell you "Your session download should start shortly." On this screen, your browser may download the Java software required for Elluminate to your computer. Depending on the internet browser you use, this can happen in different ways. Instructions/troubleshooting for this section will be on the on the screen.

    • You will now find yourself in the room.

  4. Explore Elluminate Live before the webinar begins

    • Feel free to explore the classroom and software features before the Webinar begins. We strongly encourage you to enter the webinar at least 15 minutes before the start time.

For a step-by-step online orientation of Elluminate Live:

For a recorded introduction of Elluminate Live which takes place on Elluminate Live:

For a quick reference guide to Elluminate Live:

For a complete, detailed user guide to Elluminate Live:

For more information about Elluminate and for any other questions: