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Online Rooms Set Up Instructions

Online Rooms Set-up & Technical Help

The software product we use to facilitate synchronous sessions (or Online Rooms) is called Blackboard Collaborate. This page explains the hardware and software requirements you will need to participate in your course's Online Rooms.

Getting Started

Hardware requirements: You will need access to a computer with a soundcard, microphone and headset or speakers to participate in the synchronous session.

Software requirements: You need to have Java on your computer. You may be prompted to download it after you click the session link (it takes less than a minute to install). Download it for free from: Free Java Download.

Please note: You will need administrative privileges on your computer to install the Java download. You will only need to install the necessary software once on each computer used to access Online Rooms. If you have any trouble with the installation of these files, please call DELTS Technical Support.

Preparation: To prepare for the first session visit the Participant Orientation video provided by the vendor. This orientation guide reviews all the tools that you might use to participate in your session's Online Room.

Entering an Online Room: Once you have the software installed, you are ready to participate in the Online Room session. Choose Communication -> Online Rooms from the course navigation bar to see the list of the rooms that your instructor has setup. Choose the one you want to enter the room.

You are strongly advised to enter the room at least one day ahead of time the first time you participate in an Online Room session. This is to ensure that your computer has all the required software files. Remember, these files are downloaded only once. Also, on the day of your session, you should enter 15-30 minutes before the session starts to run the Audio Setup Wizard and to have extra time to trouble shoot if necessary.

DELTS Technical Support

If you require technical assistance, contact DELTS Technical Support. Our Technical Support team is also accessible via the Help dropdown menu on your course's navigation bar.

Vendor Guides & Resources

You may find the vendor's resources helpful:

Participant Orientation (already mentioned), and Blackboard Collaborate's On-Demand Learning Center.

Resources and Technical Support