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Prepare to travel


Keep important documents with you at all times
Keep important documents with you at all times when you are travelling. This includes your acceptance letter from Memorial University, your study and travel authorization documents (if authorization is required), and your airport greeter services information.


Bring cash
Bring only enough Canadian or American cash for a few days' expenses (or a credit card). Buy traveler's cheques. They are easier to replace if they get lost or stolen. Traveler's cheques should be available from your bank.


Learn the restrictions of your airline
Free meals are not available on some airlines. Bring cash to purchase a meal or bring food with you. Also check the airline travel requirements. Restrictions exist on travelling with liquids and gels.


Travelling tips
Drink lots of water, get up from your seat often and stretch your legs, wear loose clothing and don't forget to put a set of clothes in your carry on luggage.


Contact your family
Email or call your family as soon as you arrive to let them know that you have arrived safely.


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