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Arrange to have tuition and expense money transferred in advance. Do not travel with large sums of cash.


Tuition fees are due on January 5, 2017,  the first day of fall classes. After this date a late fee will be charged to your Memorial University financial account.


Students are required to pay their fees by January 5th, 2017 in the fall semester. Fees can be paid using Memorial Self Service. This is the fastest and easiest way but must be done by Mastercard. Fees can also be paid in person at the Cashiers Office or by direct bank transfer prior to arrival. For more information about fees payment contact the Cashiers Office at 709-864-8226.

Please note: effective July 1, 2013, Moneris, Memorial's clearing house for credit card payments, will charge a 1.75% convenience fee to those who use a credit card to make payments on student accounts.

Create a bank account online
Transfer your money to that account before you leave. This should take 2 to 3 business days. You can then pay your tuition by debit card or cheque. There are many bank locations close to campus.

Use a credit card that will work internationally
If you decide to pay by credit card make sure that it is an international credit card and is recognised in Canada

Acquire a bank draft or money order
Go to your bank in your home country and ask them to give you a bank draft that you can later deposit in a Canadian bank.

Wire your tuition and oncampus housing fees to your Memorial University student account
Contact our cashier's office for instructions. Include your student ID number.


Only tuition, housing fees and other university-related fees should be transferred to your student account. Personal funds should be transferred to a bank account.


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