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Understand the Canadian tax system


Sales tax (HST)
Sales tax in Newfoundland and Labrador is 13%. That means when you buy most items 13% of the price is added on. The Canadian government provides a rebate to help with paying the tax.


Income tax
In Canada tax is paid on income, including working income and interest income. Your employer may deduct income tax each time you are paid. Each year in April, residents of Canada will submit an income tax return to report income you made and income tax that has been deducted. This is to determine tax amounts owed or refunded and to calculate your HST rebate.


For students, tuition amounts are deducted from income amounts before taxes are calculated.


Keep all tax documents from your employer, from Memorial University and from the Canada Revenue Agency. You will need these in April. Ensure that these organizations always have your current address so that you receive these important documents.


International Student Advising has online instructions to complete your income tax return. We also arrange information sessions to help you complete and submit your tax return.


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