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See below to request free Airport Pickup service when available


We will greet you at the airport
Our pickup service for winter 2016 will start on December 24, 2015 and close on January 14, 2016. If you are arriving between December 24 and January 14, please request airport pickup service using the link below. If you are arriving before December 24 or after January 14 you may take a taxi at the St. John's airport (YYT). Keep your taxi receipt and we will reimburse you up to a maximum amount of $30 Canadian dollars.  If the taxi fare is over $30, you are responsible for the difference. Eligible students must be new international students to Memorial.  Airport pick up requests can now be made online. You must request airport pick up services using the link below once your MyMUN account has been set up.

Are you an English as a Second Language (ESL) student?
If you are joining the 12-Week Intensive English program and you are arriving between December 24, 2015 and January 14, 2016, please request the airport pickup service below. If you are joining 12-Week Intensive English program and you are arriving before December 24, 2015 or after January 14, 2016 contact the ESL program at to request a pickup from them.

Are you taking a taxi alone or is someone else picking you up?
We will still pay the taxi cost from the airport to your accommodation. Bring your taxi receipt to the ISA office and we will reimburse you a maximun amount of $30 Canadian dollars. Eligible students must be new international students to Memorial.  

Ensure you follow these steps prior to requesting airport pick up at the St. John's International Airport (YYT):

1. Setup your Portal account ( and MUN e-mail account ;

2. Click the green button below and log in your Once you log in, you will be landing on the ISA Services webpage; 

3. You are required to order a campus card on the ISA Services webpage before you request airport pick-up service.

4. Complete the pick-up request form;

5. Check your MUN e-mail account to see if you receive the confirmation e-mail from the ISA office. If not, please contact our Arrival's Program Coordinator at

6. Please book temporary accommodations prior to arrival to ensure you have a place to stay unless you have already secured accommodations





Do you still have questions? Email 

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