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Pack your suitcase


Bring traditional and casual clothing
People dress casually in St. John's, but you may want to bring some traditional or cultural clothing with you for special events.


Do not put valuables in luggage you plan to check in at the airport.


Bring clothing to suit any weather
The weather here can change quickly, so we suggest that you come prepared for everything our Newfoundland climate can produce. Bring a warm, water-proof coat, a warm hat and gloves, and warm boots for the winter. (If availability is a problem at home you may purchase these items when you arrive). For the summer, bring shorts and t-shirts (and a light jacket for the evenings). Bring long pants, sweaters for the spring and fall. If you are coming for the Fall or Spring semesters, don't be too worried about preparing for extreme cold. Usually it is warm in Newfoundland from May to the end of September. If you are arriving in the Winter semester though, make sure to bring layered clothing for when you get off the plane.


Bring a bilingual dictionary
If you have one, bring a bilingual dictionary. It will help you in your classes.


Bring cooking supplies
You may or may not need cooking utensils depending on whether or not you have purchased an on-campus Meal Plan. Even if you have, there are kitchen facilities in both Paton College and Burton's Pond Apartments that are available for your use. You may also wish to bring special spices from home. St. John's has some specialty stores where students can buy some international ingredients, but it can be difficult to find exactly what you need. You may also want to bring tea or coffee from home to share with everyone at our weekly Coffee Clubs.


Bring bed sheets, pillows and towels
You should pack a pillow, sheets or a quilt, and a towel or two for the first few nights you are here. Once you have settled into your new home, you may want to purchase new blankets and pillows at a local store.


Purchase a voltage converter for your electronic equipment
If you bring any electronic equipment (stereos, computers, hair dryers), you should make sure that it is compatible with Canadian voltage (110 volts, 60Hz). Before you leave home, you may want to purchase a voltage converter or a plug adapter if you are bringing electronics with you. Most students wait to buy electronics until they are here, but many bring their cellular/mobile phones, digital cameras, and digital organizers.


Please refer to the Arriving in Canada page on the Citizenship and Immigration website, which tells you exactly what documents you need to show to the immigration officer when you first arrive in Canada.


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