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Arranging accommodation before you arrive:

To arrange permanent accommodations before you arrive, review our Living Off-Campus section. We recommend you consider only accommodations that have been viewed and approved by Memorial's off campus housing office (OCH). In addition, The ISA housing source is another way to find an accommodation. Moreover, please be advised about the following matters:

  • Beware of scams. When renting or leasing online through the internet, beware if the landlord is out of town and will mail you the keys once they receive a deposit. Make sure they have a representative present whom you could meet and view the place with. If you can not view the place yourself, ask a friend. Otherwise, you should avoid such offers as they could be scams.

  • Make sure you have a signed lease or rental agreement before you pay for fees such as a security depost and rent.

  • Bank to bank wire transfer is considered the safest international payment method. You can send money through a bank wire transfer to any person or institution, you can get all the necessary information to engage on such transfer from your bank and the destination bank.

  • If you have any doubts or suspicions whatsoever about email money transfers or payments by mail please contact our office for advice.

Arranging accommodation after you have arrived:

If you are arriving in St. John's and want to look for an accommodation in person, try the following steps:

  • Arrange temporary accommodation
    We recommend that you wait until you have arrived to start your search. You will then have the opportunity to conduct viewings, meet the landlord, know the distance from campus, and see the true condition before making a financial commitment. Allow at least three days to find a place to live. Before you arrive, book temporary accommodation.

  • Start your search when you arrive
    Finding off-campus housing is the responsibility of the student, however, we will provide you with useful information to assist you in your search when you arrive.

  • View landlord, apartment, and room listings
    When you arrive, we will provide resources to help you find a place to live off-campus. These resources include but are not limited to a list of landlords who are interested in renting to international students and websites, which are listing advertisements of room and apartments for rent. You can expect to pay approximately $450 to $600 per person per month for shared accommodations, plus approximately $50 per person per month for utilities and $150 to $200 per month for food. Bus transportation will cost $70 per month. For more information regarding costs, how to save, and budgeting ask for a copy of our off-campus housing guide, when you visit ISA office in person.

  • Use our off-campus housing brochure
    Ask for our off-campus housing brochure, when you arrive.

  • Use our off-campus housing list
    We have a list of landlords with available rooms. Ask for our list at the ISA office, when you arrive; or you can use the online version of the list, which is updated on regular basis. Click on short term rentals. Click on long term rentals.

  • Seek assistance from ISA
    We provide support to off-campus students, whenever needed, throughout your studies at Memorial University.

  • Connect with our online community



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