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Become a Mentee and see the difference...


The MUN Mentors program is a peer mentorship program for international students whereby new international students are matched with and mentored by current MUN students during their first semester at Memorial University.


Mentees can learn about the new culture they are about to enter, how to get around, and how to be successful - in class and out of class!


We are now accepting applications for the Fall 2014 semester.


As a mentee you will...

  • Connect with a student already studying at MUN and have all of your pre-arrival questions answered

  • Be shown around campus upon your arrival and come to understand the university's policies and procedures

  • Develop effective study habits and cross-cultural communication skills

  • Become better integrated in campus life and the community as a whole

  • Know where to seek out important student support services on campus

  • Participate in social activities with your mentor, such as going for coffee or a movie, and attend organized MUN Mentors activities

  • Make a new friend in your new home

To be eligible, you must..

  • Have completed the application

  • Not be an ESL student in the Fall 2014 term

  • Be approved by the program coordinator



Please submit your application via email to


If you have any questions about the MUN Mentors program please contact the program coordinator, Julia Hiscock, at or by calling (709) 864-8671

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