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International Bazaar

Cancellation of the International Bazaar Fall 2013

After nearly a decade of successfully hosting the International Bazaar on the St. John’s campus of Memorial University, the International Student Advising (ISA) office and the I Love MUNdays organizing committee have announced that the bazaar scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 22, as part of I Love MUNDays will not go ahead. The organizers apologize for the cancel...lation, however it was necessary due to challenges associated with meeting the required health and safety standards for an event that has grown tremendously over the past number of years.

The ISA and the I Love MUNdays organizing committee, organizers of the International Bazaar, would like to thank members of the Memorial University community for their support over the years, in particular the many vendors who gave up their time and provided their talents to make the International Bazaar a memorable annual event.





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